Goal for Transcendence: Forge

Goal for Transcendence: Forge
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Updated 15 December, 2022

The Forge in Transcend is where you a) use the 6 artifacts to obtain recipes b) craft the 6 items to be used in the Aion2 boss fight. You should craft titanic aegis, disruption core, and some tomes to begin practicing the fight with Aion2. Once you are comfortable with the mini-games, you should craft the Godslayer, restorative crystal, and flies for serious attempts. Other useful items/spells: Trivia Spellup/Augment before entering the fight, Bronze Lion Figurine from Inferno (full heal), and wand of nullification from Inferno (dispel Aion2).

Step 1: Gather the 6 artifacts
Step 2: Obtain a dark key (will not be consumed)
Step 3: Go to the room from center 4n4e. Will likely need a group of 5 or a strong player with Rank4 Aegis to help you get there.
Step 4: With an Otherworld in room (push, tame, blind/awe to get him there), type ‘ready’, and kill otherworld, will see the following message and be teleported:
As you destroy a portion of reality, you momentarily see a path to the Otherworld open.
You hastily spring at the opportunity before it closes again.

Step 5 open veil (using the dark key), run dewe
Step 6: Now you are at the Forge

The Lost World (G)
Here, in the depths of the abyss, the veil between planes has thinned. Maybe
one day when an opportune moment presents itself, the fabric of reality here
will thin, and the path to the Otherworld may momentarily present itself.
Ready yourself. For you will need to be ready first, before attacking and
destroying the fabric of reality itself, to travel the path before the chance
crumbles away to dust.

Step 6: touch rune
Step 7: put artifact pedestal (each artifact will give you a recipe)
Step 8: touch rune, repeat step 7 for all artifacts, and notate recipes
Step 9: craft items (if you have ingredients)
Step 10: Can c ‘word of recall’ out of the Forge room

Old notes from Masaki:
At forge, use dark key to open veil. 4n4e from center, get otherworld there, type ready, kill otherworld, open veil with dark key, run dewe, 1 trick is to blind/awe mobs then push otherworld