Goal for Tree of Life (Area Quest) (Converted/Approved)

The Tree of Life Area Quest:

Head inside and kill as many Gnats as you have to, in order to find a piece of bark.
Go 2u2n from entrance. Be vis and have piece of bark in inventory.
Head down and you will go right to the first ruler’s room and get the first ruler’s crown.
Head up to the next level and kill as many squirrels as needed to get an acorn.
Head 4ue from entrance (be vis) and have acorn in inventory
Head down. You will be transported to the second ruler’s room and get the second ruler’s crown.
Head up and kill as many large birds as needed to get a twig.
Run 6u3s from entrance and have twig in inventory.
Head down to the third ruler’s room and listen to him. He will give you the third ruler’s crown.
Kill finches until you get the Leaf.
Head 5u from the entrance and be vis with the leaf in inventory.
Head west and you will enter the lost ruler’s room. He will give you the lost ruler’s crown.
Head to the top and say ‘elaivea’ at the shadow to be transported to the queen’s room.
Give her the first ruler’s crown and she will give you the Bark Leggings.
Head back to the queen and give her the second ruler’s crown and she will give you the necklace of acorns.
Once again go to the top and give the queen the third ruler’s crown and she will give you the Twig Bracelet.
One last time return to the queen and give her the lost ruler’s crown and she will give you the leaf earring.
To get the portal and last piece of eq you need to get all 4 crowns again and gather some other items from the area.
These are the items you need and the mobs you get them from.

(all items must have the same exact flags as shown here when you get them)

(I)(M) a spider web – carried by the spider.
(I)(M) bee stinger – carried by the bumblebee.
(I)(M) a blade of grass – carried by the lovebird.
(I)(M) bird song – this is carried by the lovebird, rare.
(I)(M) bird flight – carried by the parakeet.
(I)(M) a beak – carried by the noisy parrot.
(I)(M) hawk wings – carried by the hawk.
(I)(M) an egg ring – carried by the baby bird.
Once you have all the items listed, head to the top and at the shadow say ‘condutric’.
Make sure you are vis and have all the listed items in your inventory and give him the egg ring.
He will give you the Forest Vision.
Kill Condutric and once he dies you will get the area portal Starburst.

bark leggings
a necklace of acorns
a twig bracelet
a leaf earring
forest vision

Area Portal: starburst
| Keywords : starburst |
| Name : starburst |
| Id : 40945626 |
| Type : Portal Level : 170 |
| Worth : 5,000 Weight : 20 |
| Wearable : hold, portal |
| Score : 0 |
| Material : energy |
| Flags : glow, hum, held, burn-proof, nolocate, melt-drop |
| Leads to : The Tree of Life |