Goal for Tumari’s Diner

  1.   Find Tumari in his office, say ‘New Employee’, and nod.
  2.  Find Argao in ‘The Kitchen'(36761), say ‘Do you need help?’
  3.  Get mallet from the diner’s carpenter(36730), kill the bugs, and return to Argao.
  4.   Find the health inspector, say ‘Torch’, type ‘melt’, kill icicles, and return to Argao.
  5.   Find line cook, say ‘You’re fired!’, receive a filthy apron from a line cook, and return to Argao.
  6.  At Argao, give apron Argao and you are told to get it cleaned.
  7.   Get cleaner from sink in ‘A server station'(36759)
  8.  Go to “A linen closet”(36784), give apron linen keeper, receive a cleaned apron, and return to Arago.
  9.  At Arago, give cleaned apron to Argao, and receive a note from Argao.
  10. Return to Tumair, give note to Tumari, and report to Alfha, the head bartender.
  11.  Locate, kill bartender in training for drinks tray, hold tray, and wave at Alfha till the task completes. Then get tray and give to him after you have completed enough attempts
  12. Locate the carpenter, give him 1000 gold for wrench, and return to Alfha.
  13. Hold wrench;fix sink;say The pipe is fixed!
  14. Go to ‘The grease pit'(36785), listen janitor, go to Roimor, and say Janitor!
  15. Using cexits in dining room (sit/stand) to go to the tables and kill the 30 plates of bad food.
  16.  Go back to Roimor and say ‘done’.
  17.  Locate and kill servers for ‘a server’s outfit’, kill Aarce for a toy, wear outfit, hold toy, go to Roimor and say ‘kiddie’.
  18. Kill stressed out waiter for  the whip of good behavior, random pop, might take a few.
  19. Once you’re holding the whip, say ‘quiet down!’ or ‘calm down’ until you calm 16 children, find the room to ‘scream for help’, head back to Roimor, and give whip to him.
  20.  Receive a note from Roimor, return to Tumari, and give note Tumari. From here, you now can just say kiddie at Roimor to get to the children’s area, no need to get the eq and you get 2 qreset tokens.