Goal for Wildwood – Kalista’s Version

Wildwood Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Help the Glade Guardian find his lost emerald.

To start: run e6n3e2s to ‘Glenfall’s Weaponry’
Listen Glenfall
Say ‘accept’ to trigger goal and first task
* Task Added : Go talk to Ryorin and find out more about his missing gem.

Run 2n3w4s4e; Go to The Sacred Glade
Say ‘missing gem’ to complete the task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Visit the archery judge for clues about Ryorin’s gem.

Run 2n3w4s4e; Go to The judging platform
Listen judge
* Task Added : Get the judge something to eat.

run d3e4s3ws; Go to Salzon’s Dining Room
Buy a large plate heaped with food (buy 4)
run n3e4n3wu; Return to The judging platform
Give the plate heaped with food to the judge
* Task Added : Find the wand and take it to Ryorin.

run d3e4s4w; Go to End of the Village
Pick up a slender crystal wand (repops invis on the ground)
run 4e2s4e; Return to The Sacred Glade.
Note: Wait for tasks to update.
* Task Added : Find the guilty gnog and return the emerald to Ryorin.

Run around killing Gnogs until you loot a deep green emerald.
Return to The Sacred Glade
Give the deep green emerald to Ryorin to complete the goal.

5qp and 5000 gold