Goal for Winterlands – Kalista’s Version

Winterlands Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Learn the story of the Direwolves of Winterlands

Run 9nw to the room ‘Inside the Sept of the Seven’
While Chadwick Sebright is there, say ‘direwolves’
Say ‘yes’ to trigger the goal start.
* Task Added : Feed Star.

Go to the room ‘Xavier Jetter’s Room’
She will ask you for food
Head to ‘The Kitchens’ and Jeremy will ask you who the food is for
Say ‘Star’ and he’ll give you some bison meat
Return to Star and give her the meat for a baby fang and complete the task
* Task Added : Play fetch with Misty.

Go find Misty in the room ‘Path to the Winterwoods’
Terrel will give you a stick
Type ‘throw stick’ repeatedly until you’re given a baby fang and the task completes
say yes
* Task Added : Tussle with Soot.

Go find Soot in the room ‘Central Courtyard’
Type *tussle soot and he’ll ask you to play harder
Kill soot, but kill him slowly – when he gets down to 30% hp, the task will close and he’ll give you a baby fang
* Task Added : Riddle with Pearl.

Go find Pearl in the room ‘In the Western Wing’
She’ll give you a riddle. Say ‘fang’ to close the task and be given a baby fang
* Task Added : Assist Ash remove a threat.

Find Ash in the room ‘The Sitting Room’
He’ll ask you to find and kill the Assassin
Go to the room ‘The Stables’ and kill the Assassin
Head back to ‘The Sitting Room’ and the task will close, and Ash will give you a baby fang
* Task Added : Calm Midnight.

Go find Midnight in the room ‘Old Vera’s Room’
Type ‘stroke midnight’ repeatedly until the task closes and he gives you a baby fang
* Task Added : Seek the druid teacher.

Once all the other tasks are done, find ‘Heather Kilgour’ in the room ‘The Sitting Room’
She’ll take the fangs off you and ask you to come back later
Wait outside the sitting room for a few ticks and return to complete the task/goal.
* Task Added : Learn the story of the direwolves of Winterlands.

This task autocompletes when the others are done.

a Direwolf Charm
| Keywords : direwolf charm fang fangs |
| Name : a Direwolf Charm |
| Type : Armor Level : 161 |
| Worth : 8,250 Weight : 10 |
| Wearable : wrist |
| Flags : invis, magic, burn-proof, V3 |
| Notes : Item has 2 resistance affects. |
| Stat Mods : Dexterity : +6 Constitution : +6 |
| Strength : +4 Luck : +2 |
| 18 Stats | 0Dr | 0Hr | 0Sv | pts=18
| Str:+4 Dex:+6 Con:+6 Lu:+2 Wis:+0 Int:+0