Goal for Xyl’s Mosaic – Kalista’s Version

Xyl’s Mosaic Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Hunt for the legendary envelope of egress.

To start the goal, go to Lyx.
say invitation
say envelope
type accept.
* Task Added : Find the envelope.

Type lick sucker for a transfer.
Listen to the tourist to open a task.
* Task Added : Return materials to a tourist for his glasses.

Kill Bob for ‘south’. Type rinse mouth to exit.
Say gardens for a transfer into the rock garden.
Find and kill the rock bandit for the rock key.
Find “A cute little rock wags its tail at you.” Type pet rock.
Kill Bob for ‘north’, pop balloon to exit.
Find “A strange pink rock sits here.” and lift rock. (If that doesn’t work, go 2s and try it again.)
Find Dhrip and lick dhrip for green key. (do this twice, you need two of these, and since you are here…)
Find “A sinuous strand of ether floats before you.” in the maze and inhale ether.
Kill Bob for ‘west’. exhale ether to exit.
Find the Gas Rat, he’s noscan and nohunt in the ether.
Kill the Gas Rat for ‘Ether Ore’. (he will flee, web is your friend)
*NOTE* You are going to need two of these items, so hang around for a repop or come back later.
Find Gnat King Coal and say nat king cole for coal.
Hunt Rubber Baron to make your way into the Rubber Gardens.
Give Ether Ore to Rubber Baron for Rubber Key. (if you have two of the ore, go on and get two rubber keys).
Find “An elastic flower dances in the breeze.” and pull flower.
Kill Bob for ‘east’. bounce floor to exit.
* Task Added : Guide a rumble tumbleweed.

Locate and listen to ‘a rumble tumbleweed’ for another task to open.
Give ‘north’, ‘south, ‘east’, and ‘west’ to tumble. This should end the task.
Find tumble again and now kill him for the (unrotting) Chuckling Compass.
In the Rubber Garden, find “A rather spindly rubber tree stands here.” and climb tree.
Say handsome devil at Rocco for devil’s hand. This key opens the west door.
Find the good and evil aligned spies and kill them for both silver and iron monacles. (They are nohunt)
Hunt Dhogma. Listen to Dhogma, it will open a task. Say why? this will open a task for Doubt.
* Task Added : Return all keys to Dhogma.

Go up to Xyl and say why? to him.
* Task Added : Find Xyl’s identity.

Hunt Quentin de Capita and say why?
* Task Added : Mount Quentin’s collection.

Give him coal for an eye.

Hunt Lady oh and say why?
* Task Added : Contemplate Lady Oh.

Give her eye to get word.
Hunt Brogfast and say why?
* Task Added : Update Brogfast’s encyclopedia.

Give him word for definition.
Hunt Onna Telos and say why?
* Task Added : Clarify Onna Telos’ situation.

Give her definition for secret.
Hunt Jack Sludge and say why?
* Task Added : Share intimate details with Jack Sludge.

Give him secret for frozen rat.
Hunt Samantha Stardust and say why?
* Task Added : Unleash Samantha Stardust’s compassion.

Give her frozen rat for stardust.
Hunt Jones and say why?
* Task Added : Restore Jones’ state of mind.

Give him stardust for serenity.
Hunt Smith and say why?
* Task Added : Overdue justice to Smith.

Give him serenity for a very sharp knife.
Hunt Miss Pickles and say why?
* Task Added : Give Miss Pickles more tools.

Give her knife for a cucumber.
Hunt Agatha Crispy and say why?
* Task Added : Find more materials for Agatha Crispy’s dish.

Give her cucumber for orc tooth.
Hunt Doctor Q and say why?
* Task Added : Utilize Doctor Q’s expertise.

Give him orc tooth for viral hex.
Hunt Seven and say why?
* Task Added : Disguise Seven.

Give him viral hex for di/vision.
Hunt General Vroth and say why?
* Task Added : Find General Vroth reinforcements.

Give him di/vision for a goblin hammer.
Hunt Ova and say why?
* Task Added : Release Ova’s potential.

Give her the hammer for golden nest
Go back to Quentin de Capita and give him the nest for xxheadxx.
* Task Added : Show Dhoubt something beyond doubt.

Hunt Dhoubt and give him Compass and then Hand (from Rocco) for “true compass”.
Give Dboubt xxheadxx and receive “empty perimeter.”
* Task Added : Return all keys to Dhogma.

Give rock key, rubber key, and green key to Dhogma for Bumblebee.
* Task Added : Find Xyl’s identity.

Enter vase and give Bumblebee to Lyx for a simple pink token.
Type lick sucker and give both monacles to the tourist for Incognito.
Type rinse mouth then gardens
Hopefully by now the area has repopped so this is a good time to recollect the keys.
You have an extra green one, just need to kill the rock bandit (in this section) again.
Find and lift rock for a transport back into the rose ether (time to find that gas rat again, for the ether ore)
Find “Think Pink” and give him the pink token then say prime numbers a fight will start and you will get the “pink pass” when the mob dies.
*NOTE* This pass is on a timer so don’t screw around.
Hunt the rubber baron to get out of that section, give him the ore for that rubber key.
Find that tree again and climb tree. Tell Rocco what a handsome devil he is. Open west.
Hunt Dhogma. Go up to Xyl.
Wear the compass and give perimeter to Xyl to be sent to the final room and receive the letter of introduction.
Wear incognito and give the letter to Identity (yes, that’s a mob) for Gaze.
Wait roughly 10 seconds and he will give you a drop of honey.
kiss intimacy to complete the goal.

Note: The area portal seems to be random gift. Goal will not complete until you receive it so you may need to redo these steps several times

Area Portal: Envelope of Xyl & Gaze of the Mosaic
| Names : Envelope xyl_mosaic_item |
| Desc : An Envelope of Xyl |
| Type : Portal Level : 100 |
| Worth : 3,300 Weight : 1 |
| Wearable : take hold portal |
| Flags : magic no-locate burn-proof auctioned held nosteal |
| : v3 |

| Names : Gaze Mosaic xyl_mosaic_item |
| Desc : Gaze of the Mosaic |
| Type : Armor Level : 101 |
| Worth : 5,000 Weight : 10 |
| Wearable : take eyes |
| Flags : invis magic burn-proof held v3 |
| Armor : Pierce : 27 Bash : 30 |
| Slash : 28 Magic : 27 |
| Stat Mods : Save vs spel : +2 Damage roll : +4 |
| Hit roll : +2 Dexterity : +4 |
| Intelligence : +5 Strength : +5 |