Must Do Goals Guide (Converted)

Goal Name Description Level Rating
Amusement Park Have a Rip-Roaring Day at the Amusement Park! 3 1
REWARD You’ve had a Rip-Roaring fun adventure day at the Amusement Park and earned yourself a life-time pass to the rides here! All you’ve got to do is go to the rude operators and say “ride” to be let on, front of the line and no waiting!
Graveyard You, too, may become a funeral director. 10 1
REWARD You are now an official graveyard funeral director. Type RIP during the day to summon creatures to their graves who usually only come out at night. Henry will tell you more details when you listen to him.
Petstore Quell the pet rebellion at the Pet Store. 15 1
REWARD You get the area portal and the keys to the locked rooms even if you cant carry anything else.
Kobaloi Become a Keeper of the Kobaloi 25 2
REWARD As a Kobalos, you will not need a passport or permit to wander freely about the Keep.
Terramire Enlist and save Fort Terramire from attack!
REWARD Lieutenant Rainbow said, “Your tour of duty is over for now. You are grantedan extended furlough but when you return, please come to see me. I may have another job for you.” You get to go to another exp zone and do 100% explored
Minos Aid the mappers and rescue their lost member. 30 2
REWARD The young dwarf has gifted you with a partial map of the lands surrounding Melchos, but though they lack a certain completion, they clearly show a secret tunnel leading right to Asterion’s treasure room. HINT: Use the command ‘enter tunnel’ at the entrance to the area.
Necro Purge the evil in the Necromancers’ Guild. 30 2
REWARD The village elder is willing to transport you to the crypt if you simply say crypt.
Maelstrom Destroy the Maelstrom and free the seas! 40 1
REWARD Upon freeing the seas, the maelstrom will be weakened against you,and you will be able to escape its clutches with ease.
Bazaar Nora’s quest. 45 1
REWARD As an honorary trader, you will no longer be attacked upon entering the bazaar!
Landofoz Help Dorothy find her way home. 50 2
REWARD Thank you for all your hard work. At the entrance, type Oz to go to Munchkin Land or Wizard to go to Emerald City.
Reme Something Fishy in the City of Reme 50 3
REWARD You are now an official graveyard funeral director. Type RIP during the day to summon creatures to their graves who usually only come out at night. Henry will tell you more details when you listen to him.
Kingsholm Save Kingsholm from the coming armies. 55 2
REWARD:As a champion of Kingsholm, you are to be escorted around the city by the gate guard. Just tell him where you want to go within the city.
Songpalace The Defiant Soprano 75 1
REWARD Ability to transport to key rooms from the first room using keywords
Hawklord Rescue the Hawklord. 90 2
REWARD Kilhil says, “Also as a sign of my thanks, I’ll tell you this secret.” Kilhil whispers to you, “If you fly at a slight angle, you can fly right up into the temple. The winds won’t beat you down if you do that.” *you get the mine key from killing mine guards with no mobprog shenanigans
Nulan Become a Nulan’Boar Hunter. 60 1
REWARD The Master Hunter will gladly help you hunt your prey. You need only provide him with a specimen from the animal you seek and he will use his expertise in locating it for you. **** When they are hiding specimens: *an eagle feather *fur of a prairie dog *Wolf tooth *a songbird feather *a feather of a grouse *a white owl feather *badger fur *tail of a deer mouse.*****
Ruins Help Mallic Create an Enhanced Portal 85 2
Asherodan Free the prisoners of the Asherodan. 85 2
REWARD You will also be able to say ‘Garden’, ‘Third’, and Prison to Galkorum to be sent to the garden, third floor of the keep, and the prison below the keep.
Ruins2 Bring back diamonds to the banker for gold! 95 1
Ruins3 Save Diamond Reach and be rewarded! 90 2
REWARD Due to your victory over the curse its hold on you has weakened.As a result, while holding a neutralizer shard, you can now sometimes pierce the curse and visit the prospering town of the future.Stand before the ruins with your shard in hand and attempt to walknorth. If at least 15 million gold has been collected for Mallic’s research the shard will be successful! Those who hold an enhanced shard (whenever Mallic is willing to offer the service) will be able to pierce the curse at will.REWARD Mallic’s Tweaking service can only be done on saveable Crystal Shard portals. If you pay his fee, Mallic will adjust the shard’s landing destination. The results are often random but as Mallic’s knowledge grows he may be able to land the portal in a desirable place more reliably.
Arena Become champion of the Gauntlet. 95 3
REWARD you get the portal no more paying
Nenukon Gain acceptance into a tribe of the Far Country 100 3
REWARD Say your tribe name to the Hooded Exile, and he might transport you to your camp. But there’s also a chance he’ll send you directly into the Nenukon!
Northstar Help the Terrorists 100 1
Northstar2 Help the Queen 130 2
REWARD If you ever want to train with the Guard, let Devlin know. (Good mobs) If you want to train with the Blood Ring, just let Aden know. (Evil moobs)
Elemental Create the perfect element. 110 2
REWARD Finally! Someone who has made the perfect element and understands the importance of balance. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Dra’ork have a secret passageway at Yver’s room. Just ‘pull book’ to access it and return back to the valley. The Loud’ra have a painting of Loud’ra himself right before Lord Zhein. Just ‘move painting’ and you will access another secret passageway that leads back into the valley. Now that you have mastered the elements, see what you can create with them!
Masq Help Nassah find the culprit(s) behind the loot 120 3
REWARD You can say mansion or ball at the guard no more waiting!!!
Stuff The Stuff of Shadows 120 3
REWARD You succeeded in collecting shadows and obtaining the orbs for the Umbrambulers. Now, with expertise acquired, and the best shadow collecting tool in the universe (the Shad-O-Matic), you can collect shadows more efficiently than even the most adept of the Umbracaptara. You dont need to pay to get inside the zone anymore
Deathtrap Destroy the Overlord 120 2
REWARD If you are wearing the cloak of anonymity, there is a good chance that the people in the deathtrap dungeon won’t recognize you, or your class.
Talsa Become Admiral of the Polaris Star Airlines. 130 3
REWARD An Admiral has diplomatic bypass at inspection points, for a price in gold.
Horath The Order of the K’estest needs your help! 150 2
REWARD Wearing the Cloak of Illusion, you may fool Horath’s minions into transporting you immediately to Horath’s antechamber. Just say the dragon’s name. If you lose the cloak, you can bribe Swoworund for a new one, at a cost of 10K gold!
Xmas Save Christmas! 150 1
REWARD The snowman will let you pass
Cougarian Help Queen Cowlina understand the value of Magi 160 3
REWARD:In addition to the rewards granted upon goal completion, you will no longer be required to carry your Cougarian dictionary in order to move out of the medical tent. You are surely well-known enough around the area to be trusted.**Also gets you a couple of 161 earrings that are better than closed clan gear.
Nanjiki Uncover the ruin’s secrets 160 2
REWARD After all that running around on a monkey’s errand, you’ve become quite familiar with these ruins! You now know the shortest path to get to the fire, water, air, or grave parts of the ruin from any statue landmark.
Sahuagin Free the elvish king from the Sahuagin. 160 2
REWARD You can say either yes or prison to the elf and get transfer to both places.
Annwn Discover the secrets of the afterlife. 170 2
REWARD The harbormaster is impressed and grants you fast access to the docks. Just say docks to the ferryman in order to utilize this privilege.
Desolation Vanquish the evil in the mountains of desolation. 175 2
REWARD Type secret tunnels at 19531 for some useful shortcuts.
Adaldar Restore peace between Mannyn’s sons. 180 2
REWARD You can say either yes or prison to the elf and get transfer to both places.
Helegear Uncover the mysteries of Helegear Sea. 180 2
REWARD You get portal zone and acces to a new room and you can choose wich part you want to go.
Desert Become the superintendent of Desert Prison. 185 2
REWARD You can say prison to the camel man and you get inside no more passes
Nottingham Become one of Robin’s Merry Band of Outlaws. 190 2
REWARD As a member of Robins Merry Band, Shakey will magically transport you to the outlaw camp. Just say “camp” when you are in the room with Shakey.
Rebellion Quell the rebellion of the Nix. 190 2
REWARD:Upon completion, you will be able to reach the Nixie King by saying his name, Nechtan, within the Chequered Owl. Once there, in his presence, you may ask for his blessing.
Omentor Spy for Aethelswyth in Omen Tor, ftw! 195 2
REWARD Seek out the Great Mother, and speak to her of Gyth, Fled, Fryth and Swyth. With those words, she will transport you to your desired destination.
Empyrean Only the best warmongers boast the ware civil. 199 3
You get teleported to zone and get accest to all the zone to exp!!! Great exp from 160 to drag
Dundoom The Challenge of the Seasoned Adventurer 200 1
REWARD In the course of destroying all the creatures down here, many of them now shy away from you and will not attack for fear of destruction.
Dunoir Battle the evil caged in the bowels of duNoir. 201
REWARD You will find the anthbeasts are quite friendly now!
Mistridge Become a Friend of the Elves in Mistridge. 201 3
REWARD A Friend of the Elves will not be attacked in the forest. A nod to Vulcris will give an owl lure handy for when fighting owls.
Hades Save the lady Gwen from Hades. 201 3
REWARD:The lady Gwen has spoken to Cerberus and convinced him to take you to the Underworld at your request.
Wyrm Defeat the Death Dragon. 201 4
REWARD: Simply type “home” to leave the Council of Wyrm.
Wyrm2 Help Azure return her magic to the world. 201 3
REWARD: You get access to another part to exp.
Crynn Question the faith of Crynn. 200 2
REWARD:A massive organ says, “My melodies can shatter even the toughest of barriers. If you wish to proceed to the masses, no key is required. Just say ‘take me to the masses’ and it will be done.”
Oceanpark Something Fishy this Way Comes. 201 2
REWARD: At room 39627, The park dispatch service officer says, “Hey there, Sparhawk! I see you are on our VIP list. Please let me know where you would like the airship to fly you. Today’s choices include The Deep Ocean, Twilight Ocean, A Hydrothermal Vent, and The Sleepy Starfish Inn.”