Titan’s Keep Guide – Kalista’s Version

The Titans’ Keep Guide

Area layout:
Titans’ Keep consists of three sections separated by portals.
The plateau: Up from the starting room. Can survive solo if you have 40k+ HP. It does randomloy repop as PK tho, so be mindful of this.
The keep: Go all north in the plateau, then up and through the portal there. Bring 2-3 people for decent powerups, you will probably die solo. Wear a shield, even on the guards.
The eternal void: Go all north in the keep, then through the portal there. Bring 4-5 max-hp SHs or die, like gloriously. You can pacify/brandish these mobs if you move mistakenly/are gonna die.
All three sections are full of good-aligned aggro mobs. After the eternal void, there is a ‘final’ room with the mob Salkin, who starts the miniepic. If you have completed the goal, you can say ‘bring me in’ in the first room of the area to be moved directly to Salkin, giving easy access to the eternal void and the miniepic.

Goal Solution:
1. To open the goal, listen to the man in the first room, say yes.
*have someone bring in new members who are 1st time runners/make sure the goal tasks update before proceeding. You will lose sigils otherwise.

2. To complete the goal, you will need to do the Titan miniepic. Goal completes on first successful miniepic run.

Starting the miniepic:
To start the miniepic, you will need to gather three items from three titans in the third section (void): a sigil of might, sigil of magic, and sigil of stealth. Uthr/Zarconis/Aelyn (must AOE to engage Zarconis).
Once you have the three sigils, go to Salkin (last room of area) with a group and say ‘I have the items’.

Miniepic overview
The miniepic is probably one of the hardest endgame challenges in Aardwolf, and is done in a group of 5, usually T9s with max HP. w T7. Small tiers welcome, but all participants should have at least 50-60k HP and a decent amount of instinct/potential/mastery.
As a general overview, the miniepic involves going to Salkin and killing three bosses (randomly chosen from 8 possibilities) one after another, with a restore and break given between bosses.

The entire group should assemble at Salkin (last room of area, past eternal void at ‘bring me in’ destination), and the person with the sigils in their inventory should say ‘I have the items’. This moves you to a second Salkin room and gives everyone a rune that tracks progress through the run. Do not drop this rune. The rune has the names of the participants logged, so you can’t sub people in/out.
Once you’re in the second Salkin room, leader will nod at Salkin to be taken to the first Titan boss. Kill this boss (see details below) and you’ll be returned to Salkin. Whoever got the kill will receive an item from the boss, which should be given to Salkin \\WHEN ALL GROUP MEMBERS// are present in the room. If someone is not present when item is given, their rune will not update and you’ll screw up the entire run. WOMP WOMP. Don’t be this person.
Once the item from the boss has been handed in, the entire group gets a full restore. You can then take a break (portal out) or continue to the second boss by nodding at Salkin again.
If you die on a boss (or take a break), go back to Salkin in the eternal void (where you said ‘I have the items’) and nod at him to be taken to the second Salkin. You will regroup with the rest of the group here. You will assign a person to nod 1x, do this on group so everyone sees.
If the entire group wipes, nod at Salkin again to be taken to the second Salkin, then nod at the second Salkin to restart the same boss. It will always be the same boss.
Once you’re ready, kill the second boss, get item, hand in item, nod at Salkin, kill the third boss, get item, hand in item.
Once the item from the third boss has been handed in, \\EVERYONE SHOULD HOLD STILL AND NOT MOVE// until Salkin distributes the reward items. This takes 10-15 seconds; if someone moves out of the room, they will be screwed out of the reward. The run ends once the reward is received.

**Read this before starting so you have a general idea of what you might encounter. As mentioned above, you’ll have to fight three (3) of these (randomly chosen) on each run.

General tips:
When you start a boss, look at it. If it’s wearing a Battle Readiness item, recall/portal out and restart the boss if you can. This is a randomly spawned item that makes the boss significantly more difficult. If you restart the boss, it’ll be the same boss, but the Battle Readiness (abbreviated to BR) may not be present.
It does appear that a boss can be Battle Ready without having the flag, we have noticed one of the non-BR Bosses are equally challenging, I suspect these are SECRET BATTLE READY VERSIONS, much harder to identify.
All bosses start neutral. Designate someone to cast reverse align on them ASAP to take advantage of protection good/evil. If the boss is multiple mobs, rev all of them.
**Do not use scrolls / brewed potions in the presence of a boss unless you want to die real fast. Clan potions/eating pills and trivia incompletes are fine.
Put all maledictions you can on the boss early in the fight to make life easier. Rune of ix, soften, weaken, ego whip, green/raven if you have a thief, petrify/hexes if you have a sorcerer, etc.
All bosses will periodically recast sanctuary on themselves. Get it off.
All bosses will periodically wear a shield that can only be cleaved with the Thandcrist weapon (drops from titans in eternal void). All melee-type classes (and ideally everyone) should have a thandcrist with them and be ready to equip it and cleave the shield. If you cleave it, the boss may reequip it later anyway, so stay on guard.
All bosses can blind you, and probably will. Make sure your cure blind is practiced.
All bosses keyword is general.

The Bosses: (8 in total, chosen at random)

Infamously considered the most annoying boss, (Torkin’s BFF) Durthar is fought in a large maze. He is nohunt and nowhere, but does appear as a yellow exclamation mark in the Aardmush ASCII map. You must find him in the maze and fight him; as people fight him, he will periodically teleport them away to a random spot in the maze, forcing them to find him again. Furthermore, whenever his health drops below 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, and 10%, he will translocate to a different point in the maze and must be found again. If no-one is fighting him, he will rapidly regenerate, so find him ASAP. To make him easier to re-acquire, group members should summon a pet and have it sleep in a room next to Durthar once they find him, then announce the name of the pet so that people can hunt it and get back to Durthar ASAP. If you have a diva in your group have them go around and tame the tendrils as other members focus on DPS.
Pro-tip: you can scry Durthar to see if he is close to a mob/player and announce this on gtell.

Whenever this boss’s health drops below a multiple of 20% for the first time (below 80%/60%/40%/20%), the boss will attempt to switch their health percentage with a random player in the room. For example, if you’re at 100% and the boss drops below 20%, you will suddenly be at 20% and the boss will be at 100%. If the randomly chosen player has a lower HP % than the boss, nothing will happen. Thus, the entire group must keep their HP % lower than the boss throughout the fight. This can easily be done by repeatedly retreating east from the boss, which will make Salkin yell at you, take about 5000 HP from you, and move you back to the boss’s room. As long as you keep your HP down, it’s a straightforward fight. Furthermore, once the boss is below 20%, you can heal back up if needed.

This would be a straightforward fight in a single room, except that Grakkr periodically switches his damtype resistances/vulnerabilities. At any point, he is vulnerable to 3 damtypes and resistant to all others. Whenever he switches vulnerabilities, he re-equips an aura of protective magic. At that point, the group has to try different damtypes until they find the ones he is vulnerable to. The three vulnerabilities always come in the same combinations: pierce/electric/air, cold/acid/bash, magic/energy/earth, light/fire/negative, holy/shadow/mental, and water/sonic/slash. In each of the triplets listed, the boss is more vulnerable to the first listed one than to the other two. (e.g., more vulnerable to cold than to acid/bash). To make the fight easier, prepare for it by getting multiple weapons with different damtypes – ideally the six most vulnerable ones. The titans in the eternal void all drop different level 201 weapons that have the damtype as a keyword + 201 (e.g., magic201, holy201), so it’s easiest to just get a bag of those.

This boss consists of three mobs (body, soul and mind) in square arena that loops around (going north loops you back south, same for east-west). All three mobs must be killed within approximately 15-20 seconds of each other or the entire group dies. \\WOMP WOMP// Thus, the group needs to split up and deal damage to the three mobs evenly. Usually, group members report each mob’s health % regularly on gtell, and once a mob gets below 10%, only one player should stick with it and should remove their weapons to reduce damage until the other two mobs are also below 10%. To make matters more complicated, the mobs heal much faster if no-one is attacking them, and will attempt to move around the arena to ‘merge’ with another part of Hej. If two mobs get into the same room, this is called a ‘stack’ and results in both mobs becoming much, much stronger. Thus, keep all three mobs webbed; if you have a sorcerer, use curse of sloth as well. If a stack does occur, an anomaly item will appear on the ground somewhere in the arena; this item should be picked up and given to one of the stacked mobs to cause the stack to split. Do not attempt to fight a stack; you will die. You can also use the spook command if you have high HP, it will fail and you will take big damage, so be prepared to flee if your spooks don’t land and wait for someone to give anomaly. Anomaly will melt in roughly 15s after being picked up off floor, so give quickly.
>> Whoever is reversing mobs needs for the other group members to get on these 3 mobs and tank so they can be reversed quickly/efficiently.

The longer this boss is attacking the same player, the more damage he does, so players need to regularly switch tanking roles in order to avoid getting damaged too hard. Furthermore, the boss will periodically ‘observe’ a random player in the room. If that player is not tanking, nothing happens. If that player IS tanking, they will take a lot of damage and probably die unless immediately rescued. Thus, if you are observed and not tanking, keep quiet. If you are observed and you’re tanking, immediately yell for a rescue. Other than switching tanks, it’s a straightforward fight.
**If focused, and dropping HP fast, flee out, don’t wait for rescue or you may die if people are stacked/unobservant.

Morgak is fought in a 3×3 arena. He will randomly spawn runes in the arena, accompanied by a message about runes flying around him – (“A powerful magical aura grows around Morgak, and some of the runes floating around him start to fly away from him!”). He has two types of runes which differ in behavior. The first type can be seen on the Aardmush ASCII map as green exclamation marks; if you enter the room they’re in, they will immediately explode for about 20k hp damage. The second type cannot be seen on the ASCII map, but will also not explode when you enter the room, and you can see them lying on the floor. The second type is on a timer and will simultaneously all explode after 10-15 seconds. The runes appear in 6-7 rooms of the arena, with a few safe rooms. Thus, whenever Morgak summons runes, you should immediately look at the room as well as update the Aardmush map. If you see green exclamation marks on the ASCII map, retreat to a room that does not have them and wait until the runes explode, at which point you can go fight Morgak again. If you don’t see any exclamation marks, check if there’s a rune in the room you’re in. If there is, flee and run around until you find a room without a rune on the floor, then wait until the runes explode. Once you’re in a safe room, it’s nice to also announce the safe room location on gt in case a player is blinded and doesn’t know where to go. If you mistakenly walk into a bomb room and it explodes: STAY PUT. The bomb is gone now, you exploded it and it becomes a safe room.
>>Kaylie: One thing I learned in Morgak, when he he drops the runes, he also stops the attacks, so retreat doesn’t always work. So, I learned to retreat dir, then try to move the same direction. I wasn’t noticing the retreat message saying I wasn’t fighting, only that I wasn’t moving. It was helpful to know I could just MOVE, and not retreat.

Orzbuk appears as four different mobs that all have the keywords orz and general: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. The mobs periodically change targets, so the group has to rescue each other to stay alive. Whenever all four mobs drop below a multiple of 10% health (e.g., whenever all mobs go below 90%, below 80%…), the entire group gets a full HP restore. Thus, as soon as you get in, reverse/weaken all four mobs, then pick a mob and attack it until it hits 89%, switch to a different mob until it hits 89%, etc. Once you get a restore, wail on a mob until it hits 79%, switch to a different one, etc. Periodically use study to see which mob needs to be attacked next. If you want to play it safe, you can drop all mobs by 10% until they all die, or you can eventually focus on a single one and kill it to make life easier for everyone. Generally one person will call aims on this mob while everyone else dispels/maledictions/rescues/bashes shields.

You start in a diamond-shaped section of the area (1x2x3x2x1). Only one player gets to fight Rograk, and does so by nodding at Salkin in the center of the diamond. This should be someone who can both tank and deal damage. The rest of the group needs to assist by indirectly dealing damage to the boss. The outside rooms of the diamond contain altars and altar guardians, and sacrificing a mob on the correct altar (red) deals damage to the boss. To determine the color of the altar, you need to kill its guardian first. Thus, the rest of the group should kill the altar guardians one by one until the altar in the room flashes red on guardian death. This is the only altar that matters. Once you’ve found it, go back to the center of the diamond, where there will be a captured titan. Push this titan (with the warrior push skill) to the room with the red altar, then kill it. Once it dies, a heart will spawn in the room, and someone in the group should type ‘sacrifice heart’. If done in the room with the red altar, this will cause the boss to start taking additional damage for a period of time. A captured titan will immediately spawn in the same room as the previous one was killed, so the group can just keep killing captured titans while the chosen player fights the boss. Note that the captured titan will regularly attempt to flee the altar room, so keep it webbed to avoid delays.

Once you have completed the goal, you can say ‘bring me in’/’get me out’ in the first room/Salkin’s room to get in and out without an escort.

Every miniepic run will give you a ‘reward’ item and (if it’s your first run of the day) a ‘fragment’. These should be turned in to the man in the first room. You need to unkeep them to turn them in.
Turning in the reward and fragment gives you a random assortment of trains, gold, corrupted shards (can give to man in first room to repop the area), crystal elixirs (5x black lotus), the area portal, a fractal rune or a soul.

The area portal has a random chance of being given to you at some point in your first 100 runs.
Once you have the area portal, you need to have it in your inventory (not in a bag) when handing in the reward/fragment in order to have a chance of receiving a soul.

Once you get your first soul, give it to the man in the first room and say ‘destroy worlds’ to receive rank1 greaves (legs).
You will want to keep this portal in your inventory (NOT BAGGED) during all of your subsequent runs. They are noshare portals.
Once you get another soul, give it to the man in the first room, then give him the greaves (don’t say destroy worlds) to upgrade your greaves by 1 rank (e.g., from rank1 to rank2).
You cab buy souls from other people for 100-200M/each depending on ally/friend price. You can pay reown to have someone else add the souls to your greaves. Names on Souls/Greaves must match to work. Therefore, if Kalista has 2 souls and Radrat wants to add them to his greaves, he needs to reown greaves to Kalista who will then add them, then pay reown for item to be returned to him. 12TP total. I recommend only doing this to add multiple souls at a time, or it gets expensive.

Adding Resistances to Fractal Runes is done by collecting all 20 resistances from L3 titan pups and a Fractal Rune from TitanEpic rewards. You go to Star Forge (west center room) on L2 and type some combination of combine rune essence, or combine resistances, there may be a prompt but I forget it. They will not be destroyed by multiple guesses: I promise. I tried so many incorrect answers and surived, but thats also why I cant recall the syntax. Please add it here: (INSERT SYNTAX)

List of Essences:
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Air (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of the Mind (201) (mental)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Piercing (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Shadow (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Earth (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Fire (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Electricity (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Light (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Slashing (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Poison (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Holiness (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Water (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Magic (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Energy (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Coldness (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Acid (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Disease (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Bashing (201)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Sound (201) (sonic)
(K)(M)(G)(H) the Essence of Negativity

When you combine all 20 resistances at Star Forge (L2), it turns into: (K)(M)(G)(H) Essence of Resistance (201)
When Essence of Resistance is combined with Fractal rune, turns into: (K)(M) v/^\a Fractal Rune/^\v (201)
which can be added to a piece of gear with your choice of additional resistance.