Transcendence Mini Games Guide

Transcendence Mini Games Rundown: (work in progress)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some symbols/what the rooms look like is currently missing/potentially incorrect, will be fact checking next several runs and trying to log the information as it comes up. If you have mini game logs, I would love to see them/add them here.

General Info:

These Mini Games are a byproduct of participating in Part 4: Aion, of the Transcendance Epic.

You have to be extremely attentive and avoid stacking commands while you’re in the main-part of Aion’s rectangle. You can be transferred to any of these mini-games at any time (though seems less likely when you are on ramparts) so be attentive.

Be aware that there are triple incomplete heals on the ground in many of these mini-games if you are low on HP or otherwise take a big hit. It may be advantageous to pick a few up when safe to do so, but it may also be your doom, so use accordingly.

TIP: If you don’t use a number keypad for your directions N/E/S/W some of these games will be challenging.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the mini-games and how to play them.

The Mini Games: (Am I missing any!?)

1. Find the White Rune Mini Game: Goal of this mini game is to run around the mini-maze you are transferred to until you find the room with a WHITE rune on the ground. All of the other lethal rooms/runes are RED. Find the white rune room quickly and STAY PUT to survive.

Look for the rune that is WHITE: “An intricate rune looks different from the others seen thus far!”

Avoid these runes which are RED: “Intricate runes cover the area, the centre of which a large ‘1-10’ is inscribed.” (the numbers on these change/vary from 1-10)

2. Frogger Mini Game: In this mini-game you’re placed roughly in the center of a square of moving lethal frogs that look like: “vvv” ( N to S) or like “>>>” (W to E) on your mini map. Keep moving north/south/east/west accordingly while avoiding the frogs. The frogs move directionally W to E and N to S. If you avoid enough of the frogs you live. If you run into a frog expect 50-55k damage, so you may be able to take a single hit and survive, but don’t expect to ram into more than one and live.

Visual of the Frogger Mini Game:

3. Rat Maze Mini Game: Quickly make your way to the highlighted room that looks like “o” on the mini-map while avoiding the mines that look like “XX”.

4. Follow The Path Mini Game: In this mini game find the green (*) and get to that room. Then, the walls start to close in on you. Suddenly a path appears. You need to follow it to the safe room (*). Then new path appears that you’ll follow again. This may repeat a few times so be vigilant. If you run into the “XXX’s” at any point then you die.

Visual of Follow the Path Mini Game:

5. Meteor Hide & Seek Mini Game: In this game you need to run to safe rooms that look blank on the map while avoiding rooms that look like “!!!”. You need to ensure you’re not in any of the red “XX” rooms when the timers go off or you may die.

Visual of Meteor Hide & Seek Mini Game:

If you gain any new understanding or information about these mini games please post a note to Kalista to update this guide.

Many thanks to Tianshi for his assistance in putting this information together.

For a general guide to the transcendence epic (good for newbies to this epic), refer to