House of Commons

House Caretaker: TBD
House Members:

At the moment Radience ignites a soul it is not completely out of the darkness yet, but the misty form of chaos will subside when that soul shares moments and feelings with others like itself.

The House of Commons is here to train the new souls how shine even brighter in battle, and prepare them for the duties they have chosen for themselves.

Members of the House of Commons are those who wish to join a certain house but have not yet met the requirements. Their goal is to reach those house requirements within 2 months.

House Rules

As a member of the House of Commons:

  • All general Light rules apply on you.
  •  You have to join 1 of the 3 main houses in 2 months or be Outcasted.
  •  You should use your time in the house to learn how the clan runs, how to help and be an active part of the clan.
    You cannot be promoted (all Points made will be allocated upon entering 1 of the main houses).
  •  It is recommended that you stay a minimum of 1 week in House of Commons before joining one of the main house but this depends on the individual.
  • To join this house you have to be recruited by Light or be in the unlucky position to be removed from your former house.