House of Holy Eagles

House Leader:
House Representative:
House Members:

“The Holy Eagle flies alone in the high sky. Looking and hearing from a superior position, granting him a grand knowledge on the realm. Members in House Holy Eagles are expected to actively explore the realm and collect information in order to accumulate knowledge. Knowledge, being an effective weapon against darkness, is not to be kept as secrets. We will willingly share our knowledge to those needed in order to assist them in their exploration of the land.”

House Holy Eagles is in charge of exploration and finding information for the clan. With Pendragon being the muscle and Heavenly Chaos the brains, Holy Eagles is the eyes and ears of the clan, completing the body. Among the tasks of the Eagles are mapping, exploring, listing equipments of areas, finding out mob vulns, best damage types for level ranges and generally making life easier for the other members by doing guides, solving area goals, etc.

While Pendragon are the militant arm of the clan, HolyEagle seeks out and reports the locations of outposts of evil clans, providing support for Pendragon in case of raids. In no situation should an eagle be seen as an easy target, for they accompany Pendragon members in raids for helping to solve the maze. To be able to do this, they will have to be strong in combat and be extensively trained in PK tactics.

Requirements for Joining

  • Have a minimum of 50,000 QuestPoints earned.
  • Have 85% of Aardwolf explored.
  • Have a minimum of 100 campaigns completed.

House Rules

As a member of the House of Holy Eagles, you are required to:

  • Explore and Discover.