House of Pendragon

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House Representatives:
House Members:

Since times past long out of memory the eternal champion has risen with each new generation to battle evil and injustice. For many generations House Pendragon has recruited and trained men of great character to lead the way through the darkness and to bring peace, prosperity and justice to the lands. And so it has come to pass in the land of Aardwolf as well that House Pendragon has established a foothold here. They strive to always use their power and influence to protect and defend and when necessary to render justice to the wicked. The honor code of the House is known far and wide to be:

Pendragon Code of Honor

  • I will protect my family and clan and defend the weak and helpless who are of good heart even unto my own death.
  • I will do nothing to bring dishonor and discontent of my House, Clan or family. Death before dishonor.
  • I will be faithful to friends, no favor will be too great for one I have called friend. No task too difficult to undertake save only my honor and that of my House and Clan I would lose all before abandoning a friend.
  • I will strive to be a Champion of Freedom, Justice and Light. When asked I will render a fair judgement impartially offered and always tempered where possibly with mercy for those of good heart and intentions.
  • I will strive to bring peace to the world, never giving pain and at all times helping the helpless and downtrodden.

Requirements for Joining

  • 1406 Total Levels or greater.
  • 75 war wins
  • 120 war kills
  • 3,000 Powerups (Alternative to this rule, see House leader or house rep).
  • If any of the requirements is not met, 100 million gold donated can be substituted.

House Rules

As a member of the House of Pendragon, you are required to:

  • Sitting at SH: Ask The house leader or rep for instructions