Promotion Guidelines

Promotion Guidelines

Calculating Your Starting Points

New members joining the Clan will have a starting point of 0.

Calculating Your Promotion Points

Upon joining Light, your current stats will be captured into a profile known as a pfile. This pfile will serve as a base for promotion points calculation. For each category, the pfile stat will be deducted from the current stat, then promotion points determined based on the charts below. Please use the Promotion Calculator to check your current promotion points.


The clan rewards those members who are active within the MUD, the CLAN, and their HOUSE. Members can only be awarded points after they are accepted into a House. To be promoted to rank 2, the member would need to earn 20 points, and be a member of one of the main 3 houses. Once you have determined that you are eligible for promotion, please note the leaders.

Just because you have accumulated enough points, does NOT entitle you for a Promotion. Not for your first promotion and certainly not for your last.

Promotion Chart

Initiate of Virtue 0 points
Pupil of Discipline 20 points
Keeper of Integrity 55 points
Guardian of Spirit 115 points
Master of Guidance 215 points
Champion of Loyalty 660 points
Liege of Grace Clan Wide Vote

Categories and the needed Values that equal 1 point:

Earned Quest Points 4500
Global Quests Won 10
Levels Gained 201 up to 14,070 total levels

804 levels after 14,070 total levels

War Wins 15
War Kills 25
Rooms Explored 1% over 80% explored
Campaigns Completed 50
Power Ups 1,000
Mobs Killed 30,000
Items enchanted Each 7 items enchanted for the clan (talk to a leader first)
Gold Donated (to clan or enchanting fund) Each 5M donated up to 20M
Each 10M donated over 20M, up to 100M
Each 20M donated over 100M, up to 200M
Each 25M donated over 200M


Milestones 2 points for every 1407 levels you complete up to 14,070 levels
2 points for every 25000 quest points
2 points for every 5,000 powerups
2 points for every 140 campaigns
 2 points for every 50 war wins
2 points for every 50 war kills
2 points for every 25 gquest wins
2 points for enchanting 10 spare items (talk to a leader first)
10 points for every 500M donated


Clan Leaders may award up to 3 points, per month to any single member, as recognition or award for outstanding ideas or service. House Leaders can reward up to 1 per month to one single member of their house.

How Demotions are handled

If you for example, have 24 points (current rank is Pupil) and you are to be demoted. Your new rank would be the rank of Initiate with the base of 0 points, thus you would lose 24 points. You will need to get again 20 points for Pupil and the 4 points to be at the point you where before demotion.