Updating stats

Option 1: Discord (no email required)

Initial setup:

  1. Install this plugin:

To update:

  1. (Optional) Set your enchanted items
    1. setrankenchanted 10 for 10 items
    2. default is 0
  2. Type getranks – this will copy relevant data from mud to your Clipboard
  3. Go to Discord channel #clan-promos
  4. Type /update
  5. Type your name
  6. ctrl-v to paste data you got from Mush

To check rank

  1. Go to Discord channel #clan-promos
  2. Type /check
  3. Type your name

Option 2: Google Spreadsheet (requires gmail)

Spreadsheet with stats:
Promo Calculator Google Sheets

Existing members:

Set a dummy Aard Gmail then request access in #site-access in the Light Discord.

New members:

A liege should be able to give you access as they create your WordPress user.

Change log


  1. Added fallback if player’s not on Warfare kills rank


  1. Case (of player name) should be ignored when using /check or /update