Application Policy

As a member of the Light Clan, you are expected to actively fight evil and defend all that is good as a way of life. The Order of Light has a couple of minimum requirements to ensure that our members have the knowledge and experience to successfully enter the battle against evil.

Application Requirements

  • must be unclanned at time of application (Boot members may be clanned)
  • at least level 820 (T0 R5 Level 16)
  • have a minimum of 20000 Quest Points earned
  • have 14000 Rooms of Aardwolf explored
  • minimum of 20000 Mob kills
  • at least 750 quests completed
  • at least 70 campaigns completed

The Application

After you have checked and made sure that you meet the requirements, post a note to “light” on personal board letting us know you want to join. The application note should include the following information:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Your character statistics
  • Alts, and any former clans/applications
  • Approximate number of hours logged on and actively playing during a typical week. How much time is spent playing alts.
  • Preferred activities – what you like to spend time on
  • Focus/goals for your character

The Application Process

Applicant will get a timely response from one of the Light leaders.

There will be a 2 day wait after the leader response, before the interview. During this time, Members will have the opportunity to point out any red flags that could stop the interview process and prevent the application from continuing.

The interview is expected to be completed within 1 week after the leader response. If you fail to do the interview within 10 days from the time you apply, your application may be considered withdrawn.

After the interview, there will be a week long vote among the Light clan members. During this time you are encouraged to interact and socialize with current clan members to assure an informed voting process.

*Friends of applicant may sit in, but cannot be the one conducting the interviews.

Voting and results

A vote based on the interviews will be either a YES or a NO. If a NO vote is decided, you may reapply one month from the date you were turned down. In this month’s time we advise you to use the time wisely to look upon what Light expects from you. To reapply you have to write a note and do the interview again.

Members may recruit as they see fit if they deem an applicant to be Light material. In this case it is the member who asks a player to apply, but that applicant still must go through the interview and voting process.

Ex-members may reapply, but should discuss with Leaders before doing so.

We reserve the right to blacklist applicants whom we do not wish to reapply.

Applicants will be kept secret during their application period.

The Order of Light