Story of Radience

Since the world was new, the forces of good and evil have always tried to gain control of the hearts and minds of the people. The battles, however, were pointless; neither force could defeat the other. They decided on a contest of mortals to decide their quarrel. Evil, intent on victory, sent down 6 of his most powerful demons to be its representative. Good, true to its nature, followed the rules of the contest and sent down only one representative: a beautiful human girl named Radience, after the radiant light of hope she was to deliver. Radience went to the people in need and talked to them, and they listened. Soon, she had a very large following and goodness and truth spread quickly.

The two forces had agreed at the beginning to not interfere with their representatives, so Good had no way of knowing that Evil had cheated. Evil’s demons possessed god-like powers and were forcibly converting people to their will; but, even so, they became worried about the power that Radience was gaining by no supernatural means. The used their power to capture her, and they decided to have a small contest of their own, one to test the faith of this small mortal girl. Radience did not fight back, nor make demands. She accepted the challenge, determined to win for her people. The demons agreed to let her go and return to their master if she won, and that she would become their slave on the side of evil if she lost. Radience was afraid, but not for herself, only for the people that followed her teachings of good.

The demons put her in a dark cell and subjected her the greatest horrors of evil that existed. She resisted them. They tried to taunt her and break her will to live, but she ignored them. They tried to bait her with threats against those she loved and cared for and was forced to watch as images of them being brutally murdered by horrendous demons of the night, but she held firm. They tried to make her turn on herself and lower her esteem to herself and the world, yet she continued to stand tall. They beat her and left her to starve for days at a time, but she never lost hope. Finally, the demons had given up, but being true to their nature, decided to kill her anyway and enslave her people. One of the demons, however, had been truly touched by her faith and his tiny, black heart was suddenly filled with new feeling, inspired by Radience’s ordeal. The demon destroyed his brothers and set Radience free, and, as a final gesture for showing him the true way, he gave to her his godly powers and died at her feet.

When she returned to her people, they honored her as a hero and celebrated her victory. This was not the end. Evil was angry that one of his own betrayed him, so he unleashed more demons into the world, and they wreaked havoc on the land. Radience realized that the demon had given her his powers so she could directly fight the demons. Thus, she said her tearful goodbyes and made her way to the heavens to begin her never-ending battle with Evil.

In her absence, a strong clan of adventurers formed under her banner to devote their lives to the fight against evil and helping those in need of seeing the True Light. They would be forever known as the mighty Order of Light, and Radience would, from then on, shine her magnificent light on them and give them strength.

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