Houses and Ranks


House of Eternal Struggles (Liege House)

The moralists of the clan. They are levied the hefty task of keeping us grounded and stop the natives from being restless. A double check for maintaining clan policies. Lieges also have the choice to elect to stay a part of their old house if they had one as a secondary house. Lieges in a secondary house will have NO enforcement over the members in that house or over the house leader.

House of Heavenly Chaos

The thinkers of the clan. Duties include coming up with new ways to earn money, raise morale and improve the clan. In charge of maintaining our image.

House of Pendragon

The defenders and elite warriors of the clan. In charge of ideas for our clans defense and the execution of raids on other clans. Hunters of those who oppose us.

House of Holy Eagles

The explorers of the clan. Will hold charge to exploration of new areas and will make reports regarding new discoveries to the clan (including other clans hall, defenses and eq).

House of Commons

Usually the recently recruited Light members. They have 2 months to choose and join a house otherwise they will be outcasted (only exceptions are real life issues).


The following are the Ranks within Light. To gain each rank, a specific number of Clan Points must be earned. For some of the higher ranks, additional requirements exist. The information on Promotions can be found under the heading Promotion Guidelines.

Initiate of Virtue
Pupil of Discipline
Keeper of Integrity
Guardian of Spirit
Master of Guidance
Knight’s Council
Champion of Loyalty
Liege of Grace