Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I like the theme and attitude of your clan, how do I join?

A: We require our future members to have some minimum requirements. Interviews will be held with our clan members. The objective of the interviews is to judge whether you’ll fit in with the rest of us and that you can socialize well. Quests aren’t usually given, because they don’t reflect on your character, and busy-work is cruel. Since we’re looking for character, if you can’t accept rejection easily, DO NOT apply! See the clan policy page for information on how to join.
(See the “Application Policy” page for specific information on how to join and our minimum requirements.)

Q: How many new members are allowed to join?

A: We will allow as many members to join as get accepted past the interviewing process.

Q: What’s your promotion system?

A: The promotions are based on a clan point system based on various stats and achievements.

Q: What would cause you to be demoted?

A: The obvious reasons: excessive cursing, lack of self-control, etc. (Usually the people who would do these things are weeded out during interviews.)


Q: Do you raid?

A: We can raid at will as long as it’s an enemy clan.

Q: What’s this ‘diverge’ thing?

A: It’s our clan skill. It gives us the opportunity to change alignment quickly. There is a small charge each time the diverge skill is used, however, when necessary to change alignment quickly it I well worth the small cost..

Q: What’s this ‘battlefaith’ thing?

A: It’s our V2 clan skill. Radience gives us the power and luck to be better prepared in the constant fight against evil. It is based on your clan rank and as you become closer to Radience she grants onto you additional POWERS.

Q: Who’s Radience? Don’t you know it’s correctly spelled r-a-d-i-a-n-c-e?

A: Radience is the most beautiful God in the world. Her strength is only rivaled by her compassion for her followers. Her love is unbridled but so is her wrath and her light is forever illuminating as she walks. Her presence is ubiquitous as it embraces everything and her warmth a comfort… For her existence is a gift onto this world.

Q: Do you have any alliances with any clans?

A: Yes we do, please look at the┬áthe in-game help file ‘ clanallies light’ for our allies.

Q: I have some clan equip I once got on auction… do I need to return it if I join Light?

A: It depends. If it’s enemy equip, you may do as you wish with it. Allied clan equip is prohibited because we defend those clans, and it would be rude for us to benefit from their misfortune unless otherwise prearranged with that clan. We can wear equip from clans that we are friendly or neutral with.

Q: What does the R/C on some of your members stand for?

A: The R/C flag which stands for Radience’s Chosen, is basically similar to the Helper Flag on Aardwolf. We offer CR, spell-ups (not to be abused and members are advised to spellup a player once a day to per week), directions to general area, sw to area. During quests, members are advised only to give area sw, or general direction from aylor, but are not allowed to hunt the mob for the person asking for help.

Q: Do we have to stay good aligned?

A: No, it would be to our disadvantage to stay good align all the time.

Q: Are we allowed to group with evil clan members?

A: Yes.

Q: What is KC?

A: KC stands for Knights’ Council. The members of the KC vote on many clan matters, not the least of which is acceptance of applicants into Light.