Welding’s Bandit Pupping Areas Guide

Welding’s gold finding hacks (EpicEQ sellers HATE him!) (Learn this one simple trick!)

*Main* Areas: (farm them constantly when banditing)
Oceanpark – All areas (both mobs)
+best place to farm gold/xp for pretty much any player, weak or strong
-always crowded; very popular area

Fortune – the four edges (good mobs)
+similar gold to OP but higher exp.
-hard for lowbies to farm area efficiently

Genie – pup area (evil mobs)
+gold is good but not wonderful. exp is extremely good
+can likely get strong enough to stay good align and still one round mobs consistently
-easy to run out of mobs unless only you are in area. 2+ players is too much

Caravan – goal area (evil mobs)
+good density and great gold/exp
-not a big area, easy for 2 people to clear it and run out of mobs before repop.

Sanctum – burning Aylor part (both mobs, but more evil)
+high density and easy mobs to kill. GREAT gold
+not as great as other main areas, but still decent. easy to use if ‘lazy’ and dont want to diverge alot, as align shift is more gradual.
-exp is inconsistant due to large level variance in mobs.
-considerable amount of aggros, so likely to take more damage over time.

Icefall – Floor (all evil mobs)
+best place for “high strength” bandits to get exp, lots of mobs so easy to farm away on it.
-need ideal setup (Vampire race, lots and lots of Light mastery, instincts for damage)
-gold is only “okay”.

*RARE* Areas: (usually hit them up once a day for rare exp/gold)
Dunoir – the rooms before Bone Golem, Lava and Dream Plane (mixed mobs)
*typically neglected area, easy mobkills. couple mobs near the room by Bhazhat have mental immune so dont get stuck on them 😛

Astral – goal area (neutral mobs)
*bunch of sanced aggro mobs in goal area that most people dont both killing, easily can make 45-50k/kill since hardly anyone goes here

Dundoom – whole area (mixed mobs, more evil)
*I usually start on 4th floor and work my way up. 3F dragons normally have rare; their heals are annoying but bandits can cut through them fast enough that its not a big deal. 5th floor golems have nice crumble, but take four repops to get to full capacity. I hit them after each q complete.

Crynn – masses (evil mobs)
*usually great rare but a pain to get to. need goal to even make it remotely worthwhile. (door to paranoid, give tooth, go to organ, “take me to the masses”)

Hades – Asphondel fields (mixed mobs)
*easy kills and another area that doesnt get much visiting from others, typically has rare.

Ooku – whole area
*sometimes decent rare in the basement parts. not really great base gold/xp but mob density is large enough that some mobs/rooms can get glossed over by others. wouldn’t recommend farming goal area, mobs are too tough for most and drop low gold.

Empyrean – western part (mixed mobs)
*highest level mobs area usually gets neglected, can have good rare.

ToL – Roots (mixed)
*same stuff as normal, few people hit mobs here, rare buildup.

Glamdursil – Most areas (good mobs)
*easy high density mobs, lots of different mini areas to hit up that can get missed.