Goal for A Magical Hodgepodge – Kalista’s Version

A Magical Hodgepodge Goal Solution:

Note: Must be level 20.

Find Wilbur.
Say trust me.
Say i will help you.
* Goal Added : Tame the Magic
* Task Added : Magic has gone wild! It’s up to you to fix it.
* Task Added : Find something to protect yourself from the magic.

Find Murfee.
Type jig murfee
Give 1000 gold foxy.
say the little pig squeals at midnight.
Wear cape and go back to Wilbur.
Do not remove cape until goal is finished
* Task Added : Sort out the knights.

Find Sergeant of the Knight. Say princess.
Go to sewing room (30513), get scrap from basket.
Give scrap to Sergeant.
Go to enchantingly peaceful forest (30481), find the roots on the ground.
Open roots, get all roots to recieve the summer truffle.
Kill multiple flying pigs for two truffles, sweet and savory.
Go listen to the group of children to know how to lure piglet.
Go to An Enchanting Peaceful Forest room where there is no mobs/objs (30479), type lure.
You will receive a squirming piglet.
To get the piglet you must get the message saying you hear an oink
Note: Make sure you have princess’ favor, sweet truff, savory truff, and summer truff before going to the next step
Give pig grubby servant.
Go to Sergeant type ‘read letter’.
* Task Added : Restore the king and queen

Go to Elijah (the original king) and say “rely”.
Kill egg nearby, get egg salad. Go to hermit and give egg salad hermit.
Go to Bernard to activate next task.
* Task Added : Get an audience with the peasant king and queen.

Go to missy missy boo, she tells you to go to the seamstress Thimble.
Go to Thimble, say “missy sent me”.
Kill penguin for grass hula, coconut bra
Go to Elle for a silken cape from the shop.
Go to Thimble. Say “i am ready”.
Go to Emma and she will fix your jumpsuit.
Wear suit. Go to king/queen, and when asked to see the gardens say “yes”.
Go to flowers north and type “water” to get fragrant leaves.
Go to Elijah and say “I need something” to get a graying beard.
Go north and get the Ordinary compost from the floor.
Now that you have the leaves, beard and compost go to harold and say “I have everything”.
Give 1000 gold hermit.
* Task Added : Tame the magic!’

Go north and west to the bottom of the well and type “tame the magic” to complete the goal.

a wrinkled shirt: Level 26, leg piece, DR4, Int2, Str1