Goal for Aylor AQ/Bonus Rooms – Kalista’s Version

The Grand City of Aylor AQ

There is no goal for this area; however, there is an area quest that will get you some extra rooms and items.

From recall, run 4s;enter bucket
Say “w-79z”
Go up and say “w-79z” again.
Go up and listen to both exhibiting gnomes to find the one that says: An exhibiting gnome exclaims ‘Come one, come all! See the wonders of a Gnomish Craftsman!’
Give the test to that one, and then give him about 10,000 gold. The reason I say “about” 10,000 is that you can give him less or more, and depending on how much you give him he’ll tell you a different message, but the end result will be the same. You will get the completed test. (edit: giving him 10,000 results in a test done incorrectly, 50,000 worked for me, other amounts might work too!)
Give test Ekima for certification
Go down; op d, down, kill Vice, run 2u, op u, up
Kill an automated rotary floor waxer

Mmmm, Exploring Aardwolf. Get some, son!

But also.. there are two special items from this sub-area:

From an automated rotary floor waxer (random drop)

Automated Hydraulic Banana Peeler (with I.I.P.D. Technology)