Goal for Childs Play – Kalista’s Version

Child’s Play Goal Solution:

*Before starting goal, do these two steps:
*Go to senile grandmother and say gems till you get a brilliant gem
*Take brilliant gem to Vachese. He will give you his old shield.
*He then puts on a new shield. Run the new goals as usual, and upon killing him, you’ll get the new shield as well.
* Goal Added : Defeat the Troll King.

Go to ‘The Village Square’ (701) type “watch the execution”.
* Task Added : Rescue the condemned prisoner from her execution.

Kill executioner.
* Task Added : Find Vachese and put an end to his evil machinations.

Kill vachese.
* Task Added : Find Vachese’s weakness by exploring the area.

type escape prison.
* Task Added : A special jewel is needed to defeat Vachese. Find it.

Go to outpost trader type say rumors.
Kill overseer for gem.
Say “gem” to senile grandmother.
with both gems kill vachese

15qp and two items:
the Crystal Shield of Vachese & the Obsidian Shield of Vachese