Goal for Cradlebrook – Kalista’s Version

Cradlebrook Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Travel the paths of the Last Mountain River.

Go to yarrow and say “bandit-king” and then say “lalo”.
* Task Added : Sometimes there is more than one way worth traveling.
* Task Added : Restore Lalo to his former vigor so he can defend his home.

Go to the room “Inside the tomb of sir merrus” and type “rest” and then type “nod”.
Go to Lalo.
Go kill some bandits until you get the message “That should probably be enough” and go back to lalo.
Go to the bandit-king and say “bandit-king” (Room: The Bandit-King’s Lair) and then say “i swear”.
Go to Martu (Room: Martu’s Bakery) and buy bread.
Go to “Inside a stone house” and take the bottle of mead from the floor.
Go to “Inside a Sod House” and take the stew from the floor.
Go back to the bandit-king to complete the goal.

Surcoat of the Cradlebrook Defender

Alternate Goal:
Go to The Bandit-King’s Lair (11297)
Say Bandit-King
Say I swear
Task Added : Sometimes there is more than one way worth traveling.
Task Added : Bring everything on the list back to the Bandit-King.
goto Inside a Sod House (11272) and pick up the stew
goto Inside a Stone House (11276) and get mead off the floor
goto Martu’s Bakery (11278) and buy some Bread
return to Bandit-King’s Lair (11297)
Kill a Cradlebrook Scout and wear his Coat/Weapon
Seems to break here?!
Miscellaneous Information
After the quest you can go kill seals for a random drop called “a harp seal’s pelt” and give it
to Hrothgar to recieve L41 boots with good dr/hr. The boots are farmable.

After the quest you can go kill the scout, wear his cloak and blade, go to Lalo and say ‘the
bandits are going to raid the village tomorrow night’. Then give the plans to the bandit to
receive a L41 weapon. You can do this many times.
the Ailing Edge

You can also kill the Bandit-King and give his sword to Lalo for the Ring of the Foxes:
Ring of the Foxes