Goal for Dread Tower – Kalista’s Version

Dread Tower Area Solution:

NOTE: If you are are in a hurry… you do not need to complete the trials beyond Jason. You won’t have the key from Zeus, but crystal lover is a doorable mob.
Once you have the map from Jason, skip to the step where you kill the skeleton.

Area Solution:
Say why are you running to villager for info.
Bribe ‘a lazy guard’ with 15,000 gold to get “a permission card”
Go all north to “High Mage Robert” and say I have to get “key of Trials”
Go south, open west, run wd, kill “an Atlantian Guard” for “Diamond Tattoo”
Wear “Diamond Tattoo”, go south and kill “a Cloud of Air” for “Wings of Khaos”
Wear “Wings of Khaos”, go west, “a Fire Moth” to get “Chains of Prometheus”
Wear “Chains of Prometheus”, go north, kill “a Stone Golem” for “Green Armguards of Gaea”
Wear “Green Armguards of Gaea”, go north, kill “Jason, lord of the Argonauts” for “Map of EverSee”
Translocate to the upper tower or doorway to “The Crystal Lovers”
Kill “The Crystal Lovers” for the “Crystal Bracelet”
Find “Sally the Librarian” and kill her for “Hints of Betrayal”
Find “skeleton of a long dead warrior” and kill him for “Note from a Dead Warrior”
From “Center of the Ballroom”, run n10un, buy “Wizard’s Brew” and “Princess’s Blessing” from “Thadeous the Shopkeeper”
Guess what? Now you need to do all that an additional six times!
So kill “Jason, lord of the Argonauts”, “The Crystal Lovers”, “Sally the Librarian” and “skeleton of a long dead warior” and buy “Wizard’s Power” and “Princess’s Blessing” until you have 7 full sets of items.

Get one person of each class (has to be primary class) to give one full set of eq to “a jibbering old man”.
For each class, he will give:
Psi – “Fragments of a Broken Gravestone”
Pal – “The Favor Of a Beautiful Princess”
War – “Darkness of the Damned”
Cle – “Light of the Angels”
Thi – “Embrace of Shadows”
Mag – “Dark Rivers of the Heart”
Ran – “Swirling Sands of Life”

Give one of the pieces to “Princess Shanon”.
She will attack you. Kill her for a piece of eq dependant upon whatever you gave her.

The eq you get from is listed below by class of the original item you gave her:
Pal – “Lightning Streaks of Champions”
War – “Gifts of God’s power to Man”
Cle – “Healer’s Beads of Sacrament”
Thi – “Whispered Secrets of Conspiracy”
Psi – “Surreal Thoughts of Ultimate Power”
Ran – “Ultimate Forces of Nature”
Mag – “Entwined Vines of Intelligent Wisdom”

Finally give all 7 items you received from “Princess Shanon” to “a terrified villager” at the beginning of the area for portal.

Broken Curse
| Keywords : Broken Curse
| Name : Broken Curse |
| Id : 5731576
| Type : Portal Level : 140
| Worth : 0 Weight : 1
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : energy
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, blessed, held, burn-proof,
| : nolocate
| Found at : Dread Tower
| Leads to : Dread Tower

Misc Info:
If you do not have doorway or translocate, go through the trials one room at a time, killing each mob and wearing its EQ until you finally come to Zeus.
Kill Zeus wearing the last mobs EQ to get the key to the main portion of the tower.