Goal for Empyrean, Streets of Downfall – Kalista’s Version

Empyrean, Streets of Downfall Goal Solution:

Note: Prerequisite Goal is Living Mines of Dak’Tai.

* Goal Added: Only the best warmongers boast the ware civil.

The leader of the caravan’s name is Andele.
join caravan and say tulpext
Wear the peasant’s tunic he gives you and keep going west until you arrive at the Gates.
The guards at the gates will now let you pass.
nudge furtive kender
* Task added : Rendezvous at the southern slums: nighttime

s of city entrance, say fate sent me
*NOTE: Woman appears only at midnight.
* Task Added : Search the slums for the recruiter.

Go into room with strongbox (3sw of entrance)
Open up, run ue to Tobazi (13957). Wait for new task to open.
* Task Added : Consult with the ogre mage.

Open down, run d2n2w3nwn to ‘A Hidden Sanctuary’ (13961), sit and wait for new task
* Task Added : Retrieve the figurine from the blacksmith in Dak’Tai.

Obtain a figurine from Living Mines of Dak’Tai
In the mines section (37046), nod at the lizardman
Make your way to the ancient and kill him for a random drop, adamantite shard
Go to Grothnar (37015) and say figurine
Return to mage in Empyrean (13961) with the figurine and wait.
* Task Added : Return the ogre mage in the form of his kin.

Task Added : Use your ability to change forms.
Kill a sleeping ogre.
Find an empty room and type change ogre.
Return to mage and flex mage.
–You can now use the change command. Type forms to see what
–forms you have acquired already
* Task Added : Light the fire of rebellion in the busy streets of Empyrean.

Task Added : Sway the foundation’s guardians to your warful pipes.
Task Added : Lead the unfaithful to committing one more betrayal.
Task Added : Convince the nobles of their erring desires.
Task Added : Bring the mighty dogs of war to heel.
Task Added : Show the Unholy lot that their devotion is misplaced.
Kill a discolored catfish below southern slums in the sewers.
change catfish in empty room, return to sewers
swim through grate and kill the cartographer
run 2ws and clear the room so you can change cartographer
go to ignorance (14077), run nws and wait for him to finish.
Listen to Azhil in marketplace
examine the camel corpse 2w of very beginning of area
kill everything for camel hair.
pick lock the drawer in southern slums for mold
Kill venomskulk in sewers for its venom
Buy 10 sleep staves from Azhil
give 1,000,000 (yes, 1m) gold to azhil and wait for acid.
give acid ignorance (as a cartographer) to close his task.
go west for northern slums and kill urchin to get back in later

Find and kill Treason’s informant in northern slums. (hidden)
change informant to get past guards
kill entitled noble
go back to ogre mage and say treason
go back to treason and say the word on the streets is rebellion
You can now change noble and enter noble section
Kill the drunkard’s servant and change servant
Give a smooth, pale ale from treason’s bar to noble drunkard and listen to him
Go to temple and buy sacrificial dove, drop it, kill dove
change dove in Voracity’s house (north and east)
Wait until 6am and run us from the ‘Peristyle’ (14036).
If Voracity’s short desc says that he’s eating bacon, steal bacon and let them do his thing.
run nde, change self, run wsu.
Say your name, say rebellion to close the task
Go all west to the palace plaza on western side now to might.
Wait for him to finish.
Go into the palace plaza and kill rebelling peasants until the task closes when you go back to might.
Typically between 40-50 kills, returning to might will force peasants to repop.
Say treason at might for breastplate
Kill werewolf elite in palace plaza
change werewolf and wear breastplate
say rebellion at treason and wait for task to close

Go to ogre mage and say delusion
Change self and go to treason and say delusion
Go to western cloister in church and let a bit play out
You will gain cultic priest form and change into it
Say delusion at ogre mage and wait for new task
change self, go back to Tobazi ‘Rooftop Rednezvous’ in southern slums and receive letter
change priest, kill delusion and then switch the speeches and hide the body
return to the mage and the goal will close.

You can now say ‘escort’ to the gateguard for a transport into the city and now have full access to all subsections of the area.