Goal for Entrance to Hades – Kalista’s Version

Entrance to Hades Goal Solution:

To get inside, go north, sit altar, and worship hermes.
To get to the other side, go to thanatos and get an Obol and head back to the middle and all north and all east until you hit Cheron. Give him the Obol to go to the other side. Once there you can only get to the Furies if you are lvl 200. Access passed Cerberus is 189.

At the dying warrior say ‘yes i can help you’ for gold bough.
Goal Added : Save the lady Gwen from Hades.
Go north and sit altar and type ‘worship hermes’ to get inside.
Find Agonia and kill him for the death key.
Find Thanatos and kill him for the Golden Obol and black robes.
Unlock north with the death key and go in and give the gold bough to Gwen to get a potion of youth.
Task Added : Bring peace to the dead.
Find Geras and give the potion to him for a cure disease potion.
Find Astheneia and give the potion to them for the bread.
Find Peina and hand over bread for a waterskin.
Find Dipsa and give the waterskin to them for the key to eternal sleep.
Find the room with the tree (29180) and open north and go in you will be put to sleep, wake and kill Hypnos for horn.
Find Anisychiu and give the horns to them for the rod of peace.
Find Marazi and give the rod to them for the gold coin.
Wait for repop and once again kill Agonia while wearing the black robe and he will take the coin and robe and give you the real black robe of death.
Task Added : Become Death.
Return to the begining after a repop and get another bough.
Go to the portal grove and enter to find the mentha plant on the ground, get it and reenter the underworld.
Find the little boy will be wandering the underworld, give him the mentha plant and he will give you a key and ask you to go to the cottage.
Find the Cottage (29168) and enter, give the mother the key and you will get a necklace of hope.
While wearing the Robe and necklace, head to Gwen again, and give her the bough again, she will recognize you as death and give you the portal Golden Obol as thanks.

Hades2 goal:
Now with Necklace and Robe still on, and portal in your inventory, rest at the elm tree (29177) to get a Leaf of False Dreams
Task Added : The Blessing of Sleep
With the Necklace and Robe still on, and portal and leaf in your inventory, go back to Hypnos’s room (n of 29180, you may need to redo parts of hades1 to get the key to eternal sleep again).
After Hypnos puts you to sleep, wake up and kill him to complete the goal.

A Necklace of Hope, Branch dripping with the Dew from the River & Area Portal: a Golden Obol