Goal for Imperial Nation – Kalista’s Version

Imperial Nation Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Overthrow the Imperial Nation.

Be vis and look for the Bounty Hunter – when you enter his room, he’ll give you some blurb
Head to ‘The Landing’ where you’ll find Adoy
Say ‘overthrow the Imperial nation’ to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Join the rebellion.

Head to ‘Rebel Nest’
Say ‘I want to join the rebellion’ to trigger the first subtask
* Task Added : Find the traitor within the rebellion.

Go to ‘The Local Bar’ and buy shots of arak
Go to ‘Officer’s Room’ and keep giving him shots of arak until he lets slip that Odlan is the spy
Go to ‘Castle Holding Cells’ and kill Odlan Naissarlic to loot an Imperial Token
Return to ‘Rebel Nest’ and give the Imperial Token to the Rebel Leader to complete this subtask and the ‘Join the rebellion’ task, and trigger the nex task
* Task Added : Destroy the Seven.

Kill Jereck in the room ‘The Antechamber’
Kill Rissa in the room ‘The Antechamber’
Kill Mawret in the room ‘Castle Holding Cells’
Kill Drath Ader in the room ‘The Prince’s Chambers’
Kill Emperor Paliste in the room ‘Emperor’s Sanctuary’
Kill Kimalt the Mindbender, usually in the vicinity of ‘Finian Lane’
Kill Y’ardiss Earthbreaker, usually in the vicinity of ‘Finian Lane’
Return to ‘Rebel Nest’ and say ‘the Seven are destroyed’ to complete the task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Destroy the creations of the Mad Scientist.

Head to the laboratory
Kill 10 mobs from the list: escaped experiment, diva, ratling, huge lizard creature, troll, ratling, strange looking brit
Task completes on completion of ‘Destroy the Mad Scientist’ task
* Task Added : Destroy the Mad Scientist.

Head to ‘The Lair of the Mad Scientist’
Kill the Mad Scientist and you’ll get transported to the room ‘The Realm of the Mad Scientist’
May need to watch stats/item count to make sure you can get items and be transed.
The mad scientist will go through multiple forms. This may be random, based on tier, etc.
Ensure you are well-stocked with max stats, good hp, incomplete pots, and spelled up. The forms can do 2-3k damage per hit.
The forms are pretty easily dispellable to remove sanc and prots.
There is no break between forms; the next form will immediately attack.
Dragon form
Wolf form
Demon form
Once all are dead, you’ll be returned to the Lair of the Mad Scientist. Return to ‘Rebel Nest’ and say ‘i have destroyed the Mad Scientist and his creations’ to complete the tasks and goal

Reward is the ability to access the Hidden Dungeon part of the area, which is full of SH XP mobs.
Go to The Circular Experiment Room (17029) and light the candles to reach it.

Misc Info:
For the Portal Kill Master Wizard in ‘A Wizard’s Laboratory’
Dark Crystal
| Keywords : dark crystal
| Name : a dark crystal
| Id : 5731566
| Type : Portal Level : 85
| Worth : 0 Weight : 5
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : crystal
| Flags : glow, hum, held, nolocate, auctioned
| Found at : Imperial Nation
| Leads to : Imperial Nation