Goal for Insanitaria – Kalista’s Version

Insanitaria Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Help the Nispeung rebuild their dream.

Note: Be good aligned
Head to ‘The Room of Sleep’
type ‘Sleep’
After listening to the Dwarf’s spiele, say ‘yes’ to trigger the goal.
* Task Added : Find Salin Sutrovld

Kill Cha’tai for the ball of light (key)
Head to ‘The Great Magician’s Study’
Kill Tnyikemja for a small skeleton key
Get the puzzling ring (key) from Seb Ligalt’s Desk
Kill Seb Ligalt for Seb Ligalt’s ring, an Order Signet ring, brown robes, ivory sandals, wooden staff, and authorization papers
Head to ‘Experiment Room’
Wear Seb Ligalt’s equipment and say ‘prisoners’ to be transported to ‘Nowhere’
If you don’t get transported, kill all the ‘Experimenting Wizard’s in the area and wait for a repop to try again
**Remove all of Seb Ligalt’s gear (Note: this is important!) and say ‘help you’ to complete the task and trigger the next one.
* Task Added : Alert the Nispeung

Return to the start of the area and go to ‘The Great Magician’s Study’
Get the Greenish Powder from Seb Ligalt’s desk
Head to ‘A Small Underground Stream’
Pick up the Frond of Kelp from the floor
Kill a Large Mizga and loot the fillet of mizga (There’ll be one in this room or one of the neighbouring rooms)
Go to ‘Food Storeroom’ where you’ll find Ayistazinagro
Say ‘salin is alive’ then say ‘riddle’ for Ayistazinagro’s riddle
Give the fillet of mizga to Ayistazinagro and say ‘salin is alive’ again and Ayistazinagro will say that they trust you
Pick up the vegetable knife from the floor
Head to ‘Sleeping Area’ (2s from where you are)
Say ‘salin is alive’ and the dwarf will ask you for two ingredients
Give the frond of kelp and greenish powder to the dwarf
Say ‘salin is alive’ again and he’ll say that he trusts you
Go find the Nispeung Spy (usually in the main part of the area)
Say ‘salin is alive’ then say ‘riddle’ to get the spy’s riddle
Give the vegetable knife to him and say ‘salin is alive’ and he’ll say that he trusts you.
Return to ‘Nowhere’ where Salin is.
Note: **Remember to remove Seb Ligalt’s gear again once you’re there
Say ‘help you’ to complete this task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Retrieve a Mana Potion

Return to the start of the area
Head to the room ‘Storage Closet’ 2esw from the entrance
Pick up ‘light blue potion’ from the floor
Return to ‘Nowhere’ where Salin is.
Remember to remove Seb Ligalt’s gear again once you’re there
Give the potion to Salin to complete the goal.

Area Portal: Cedria
| Keywords : flower Cedria preserved portal
| Name : a Cedria
| Id : 7236994
| Type : Portal Level : 85
| Worth : 0 Weight : 5
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : flower
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, held, nolocate, donated,
| : nosteal, V3
| Found at : Insanitaria
| Leads to : Insanitaria

Misc Info:
*If you’re having trouble getting transfered to Salin, you may need to be evil-aligned
and/or kill all of the experimenting wizards and Seb and wait for repop/kill Seb again/wear all his items/get trans.