Goal for Jotunheim – Kalista’s Version

Jotunheim Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Return Odin’s Spear

* Task Added : Return Odin’s Spear

Go to Odin (be vis) and say ‘yes’
Type ‘handshake odin’ to trigger the goal
This task will complete at the end of the goal
* Task Added : Find out a secret for Bergelmir.

Go to Bergelmir and say ‘where is odin’s spear’
Go to Mimior and say ‘What is Amungandr’s secret?’
Kill off the Jotun with the long name ‘A jotun strides around, leaving a frozen wasteland in his wake.’ (frost giant) for a massive icicle.
Wield icicle, then kill Vafprounir for the burning aura
Go to Surtr. Next step doesn’t appear to always work, so to make sure:
Be good aligned
Remove all your weapons/offhand/held
Be visible as you enter the room
Be visible as you give Surtr the burning aura
Be visible and wield the massive icicle
Kill Surtr with the icicle to recieve flame. If these steps don’t produce a flame, then it may just be random pop
Go to Mimior and give flame mimior to close task and open next.
* Task Added : Speak with Gunnlod to learn the secret.

Go to Gunnlod and say ‘secret’ to close task and open next.
* Task Added : Find out the other secret.

Go to Jarnvior and say ‘What is Amungandr’s secret?’ to receive band (you can get another ring by doing this again)
Go to Bergelmir and give band bergelmir to close task and recieve Odin’s Spear
Go to Odin and give spear odin to close first task and complete goal.

3 Trains 😛