Goal for Onyx Bazaar – Kalista’s Version

Onyx Bazaar Goal Solution:

Note: The burly guard above the down exit will load the gambler’s pass to the the gamblers/exotic dancer (down and east from that guard). However if he is not there, you need to kill all other burly guards on the level, wait for repop, then kill the one that pops on that down exit. The door is also bashable/pickable.

* Goal: Nora’s Quest

Go to Nora and type accept.
* Task: Find the Overseer and get him to help you.

Go to the Overseer. say “briagha”.
* Task: Find and return the Overseer’s property.

Go to Glothio and murder his face.
Give the chain back to the overseer.
* Task: Get the key to the slaves’ quarters and seek out Zighsril.

Go to the Boss and kill him for a slave quarters pass.
Go to Zighsril and give him the bribe.
* Task: Free Briagha.

Go west and kill Gorn the torturer to complete the goal.

The beginning guards (Gartas) will no longer attack you when you walk by.
a somber black hood