Goal for Qong – Kalista’s Version

Qong Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Feed Jack

Go to the room ‘Hall of the Inoshishi’
Give 10,000 gold to functionary
Type ‘accept’ to trigger goal and add a task
Kill the funcionary for the lobster key (key to the gates of qong)
Return to the start of the area
Listen to the salesman
say ‘yes’ to trigger another task
* Task Added : Allow the salesman to be able to move

Go to the room ‘Astrologer’s Kiosk’ and buy 4 tokens and 2 ba gua’s
Visit the kitchens (PK rooms) and say the following four times in each of them for four of each ingredient.
Earth Kitchen (16139)
say U lay ma?
say Yea though I wok in the valley of shadow
Fire Kitchen (16118)
say U me ma?
say Wok the lime
Metal Kitchen (16136)
say U shopi ma?
say Wok like an Egyptian
Wood Kitchen (16142)
say U knee ma?
say Wok the wok
Water Kitchen (16160)
say U mang ma?
say Wok the dog
Kill the Earth Cook for a ‘broken heart’
Go to the room ‘Den of the Alchemist’
Give 4 tokens to the Alchemist to receive 4 pots.
Give one of the pots, and one each of the 5 ingredients to the alchemist, to receive a mobility mirror.
Repeat this three more times.
Copy this for quickness: Give pot alch;give bark alch;give dream alch;give mud alch;give syr alch;give tears alch
Give 2 of the mirrors of mobility (use keyword MOBILITY) to the alchemist, and she’ll exchange them for 2 mirrors of immobility
Go back to the entrance and open the door with the key.
Give a mobility mirror to the salesman.
The salesman should start ‘floating’ and the task will complete.
If he’s already floating, someone has already started the AQ and you’ll have to wait til they are done.
* Task Added : Escort the salesman inside to the functionary

You will push the salesman to the functionary.
You will use the push skill to move the salesman to the functionary.
Guards will attack the salesman, so you need to go first and kill them.
The path from the start is: n, e, s, u, n, e, u, w, n, u, s, w
You can use two people, or strangle/dispel the guards along the path prior to starting.
Go to new room, kill guard, go back to sales, push to that room, repeat.
Ideally, give plenty of time for this process. The area has a longer repop time than most; it’s recommended to sense life and wait for a repop or have at least 13 minutes left on current one.
The salesman will sometimes attack you.
Remove your weapons before pushing to avoid damaging him, and cast awe and heal him if you do accidentally trigger aggro.
* Task Added : Offer a sacrifice to the functionary

If the functionary isn’t there, you need to wait for a repop.
Once you’re in the last room, be vis with the functionary watching.
Give the functionary 10,000 gold, then kill the salesman.
You’ll complete the task, trigger the next, and get transported to the final section of the area.
* Task Added : Kill Qong

Wear the broken heart (if you don’t, you’ll get transported to the beginning again)
Give ba qua to Qong, he’ll respond with a message
Give the mirror of immobility to Qong, he’ll respond with another message
Kill Qong to complete the task, receive a low quality wok item, trigger the next task, and be transported to the next room
* Task Added : Meet Jack and listen to him

In the new room, *pet lobster
say appetite to receive a paper key
Open west, go west to Inside the Bookshelf, and erase crayon to be transported to Jack’s room
Be visible and give low-quality wok to Jack for a chance at the permanent portal.
Listen to Jack, then say gorgonzola to complete the task and trigger the next one.
* Task Added : Bring a slice of gorgonzola to Jack

Go to Hall of the Rat (16122) and kill a rat for some gorgonzola cheese.
Repeat the whole process of giving the salesman the mirror, and escorting him to the functionary to be transported to Qong
Remember to wear the broken heart, then give him ba gua, give him the immobility mirror, then kill him to be transported to the Playroom, go west and ‘erase crayon’ to get back to Jack.
You have another low quality wok, give it to Jack for another chance at a perma portal.
Give him the gorgonzola to complete the goal.

The Eternal Eye
| Keywords : eternal eye |
| Name : The Eternal Eye |
| Id : 229521482 |
| Type : Light Level : 201 |
| Worth : 1,000 Weight : 5 |
| Duration : permanent |
| Wearable : light |
| Flags : unique, invis, magic, held, burn-proof, nolocate, |
| : noreown, V3 |
| Owned By : Kalista |
| Stat Mods : Strength : +20 Saves : +12 |
| Damage roll : +22 Intelligence : +2 |
| Luck : +1 |
| Resist Mods: Light : -28 Water : +28 |