Goal for Sen’narre Lake – Kalista’s Version

Sen’narre Lake 1-2 Goal Solutions:

Note: There are two goals in the area.

* Goal Added : Learn more about Sen’narre Lake.

Go to the room ‘A small hut’
Buy a fishing pole from Gale
Say ‘I will return the fish’ to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Catch a fish and return it to the water.

Go to the room ‘Rock Outcropping’
Be vis and wear the fishing pole
Sit on the rock
Wait and you’ll get the message that you’ve caught a fish
Go to the room ‘Middle of Sennarre Lake’
Drop fish to be given the drop of water, and complete task and trigger the next
* Task Added : Understand the water’s cycle.

Go to the bottom of the lake
Repeatedly kill fish until you get the message ‘Vaguely, you realize you just killed the fish you set free.’
Pick <(fish(-(bones(-< up off the floor Go to the room 'Before the Light' and enter portal Put bones in cycle, put water in cycle and wait for the goal to complete. Rewards: 3 trains and 5000 gold. Blue Sphere (probably for some future AQ) +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | Keywords : blue sphere water | | Name : a Blue Sphere | | Type : Treasure Level : 1 | | Worth : 5 Weight : 1 | | Wearable : float | | Flags : magic, held, burn-proof, melt-drop, V3 | | Found at : Sen'narre Lake | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ Sennarre2: * Goal Added : Help fulfill a rabbit's dream. Enter the rabbit hole and say 'yes' * Task Added : Help the rabbit achieve Skill. Find a frog and kill it repeatedly. Eventually you will get the item 'leaping lessons' Return to the rabbit hole, and 'give leap rabbit' * Task Added : Help the rabbit achieve Beauty. Go get a wildflower (in various locations around the area, ne of the hole entrance, for one) Return to the rabbit hole and 'give flowers rabbit' * Task Added : Help the rabbit achieve Love. Buy the rabbit from the store (item 1) Return to the rabbit hole, and 'give rabbit rabbit' to complete goal Rewards Jack and Shit, but you can do the area quest to get an upgraded Dream Catcher Area Goal: Collect three worms laying on the ground give worm robin, get feather give worm sparrow, get feather give worm turtledove, get feather go to Gale, receive dreamcatcher Return to the sleeping rabbit, give him the dreamcatcher to receive improved version Reward: dreamcatcher +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | Keywords : dreamcatcher web string feathers dreams | | Name : /|dreamcatcher|\ | | Id : 145576670 | | Type : Armor Level : 1 | | Worth : 0 Weight : 1 | | Wearable : ear | | Flags : hum, invis, magic, burn-proof, V3 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ | Stat Mods : Intelligence : +1 | +-----------------------------------------------------------------+