Goal for Seven Wonders – Kalista’s Version

Seven Wonders Goal Solution:

Note: You need warrior for push to complete this goal.
Note: Be vis for the entire goal since all tasks are added by walking into the room with the mob you need to help.

* Goal Added : Help out in the Museum of Wonders.

Say “I am willing” to Perky hostess
* Task Added : Be a roaming host for the Museum.

Go find Meredith Poggsley (run dse) to trigger a task
Go (run )une to Janitors to trigger a task
2n to Security Guard to trigger a task
Go wn to Gardeners to trigger a task
Go to Jason to trigger a task
Go to Sostratus to trigger a task
Go to Chares of Lindros to trigger a task
* Task Added : Help the Security guard get the kid off the pyramid.

Kill an elementary student and loot a half a lollipop atop a grubby stick (low random pop chance)
Give the lollipop to the guard
* Task Added : Help Jason fend off his fans.

Push 2 fans several rooms into Zeus and he will kill them
* Task Added : Help the Gardeners clean up the garden.

Kill 6 Marsilea’s
Return to ‘The Garden’ vis to complete task
* Task Added : Water the plants.

Go to ‘Pump Room’
Kill a water boy and loot a bucket (or pick one up off floor if there is one)
‘Tug chain’ when the water boy respawns to fill the bucket with water
Go s to ‘The Garden’ and type ‘water the plants’ to complete the task
* Task Added : Help Meredith find someone to give him a hand.

Go 2w to Eilethyia and push her 2e to Meredith
Make sure you’re vis when you enter Meredith’s room and wait to complete the task
* Task Added : Help the janitors clean up.

Find a broom (Amazon nation cleaning servants; if too low level for amazon, non-vampire janitor in Thandeld)
Wield/wear broom and ‘clean up’ Mausoleum rooms (a few times in each room)
* Task Added : Re-enact the battle of Rhodes.

Kill 5 soldiers
* Task Added : Find Sostratus’ books.

Head to the Bermuda Triangle
Kill Mrs Robinson and loot the Kama Sutra
Kill the Strange Creature and loot a text book
Return to Sostratus vis and give him both books to complete the task
return to the perky hostess at the start of the zone

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