Goal for Storm Ships of Lem-Dagor – Kalista’s Version

Storm Ships of Lem-Dagor Goal Solution:

Go to the Security Officer in (2003)
Type enlist
* Goal Added : Save The Storm Ship Tempest from Destruction!

* Task Added : Save the Tempest from destruction!

* Task Added : Cripple the Spy network’s intelligence.

Kill 4 spies – they repop in (2005)
* Task Added : Repel the pirates. Hold Tigi’s Bar!

Kill 6 pirates – theyrepop in (2012)
* Task Added : Knock out the Wave runner bandits and their Sarge.

Kill 6 bandits and/or seargeants – they repop in (2009)
* Task Added : Massacre the Great Mastiffs of the Witch.

* Task Added : Waste the Wolf Hounds of the Witch.

* Task Added : Hunt down the Hounds of the Witch.

* Task Added : Destroy the Dogs of the Witch.

* Task Added : Silence the Sentient Hounds of the Witch.

Then go to 2024 and kill all of the dogs, wolves and mastiffs, etc.
You’ll need to kill like 10 of each type, and there are 5 or 6 types
Go back to Security Officer in (2003)
* Task Added : To seek out Captain Prosper and be well rewarded.

Go to Captain Prosper in (1990) to complete the goal.

10 QP
F.I.L. Sailor’s Knot

Note: When you complete all of the Lem-Dagor and Prosper Island Goals/Area Quest the Sailor’s Knot can replace the balls for killing the Sycorax.

Area Quest:
Helps to have completed Storms Ships of Lem-Dagor goal and Proper Island 1/2 Goal
First, you have to get to the Island Section of Prosper’s Island.
From Outside the Sea Witch, run wd3wnw2n2w2nes to Island Oasis Bar, then ‘get umbrella holder’ to get a rainbow colored umbrella.
run nw2s2e2se2sw to Southwest of ‘The Sea Witch’, then
open d;run dn to Before a Waterfall.
Now, ‘wear umbrella;open north;north’ to Arielis’ Cave,
where Arielis the alchemist is.
Have autoloot on, and kill Arielis to loot a pleasure ball.
If you want both portals, you can wait for Arielis to repop, and then kill him again for a 2nd pleasure ball.
run 2s;open u;run uen3eue;enter circle;run e2swe3nwue2n2e
to the north-east corner of the Navigation System, battle mode.
You should find Neleat and Taelen (you can hunt either of them, too).
Give a pleasure ball to Taelen to recieve the Gold-Plated Silhouette Brooch.
Give a pleasure ball to Neleat to recieve the Storm Ship in a Bottle.