Goal for the Astral Travels – Kalista’s Version

The Astral Travels Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Defeat the Ultimate Nightmare and free the Astral Travels!

Go west to Dream and listen to her and then nod.

* Task Added : Go talk to Mehelen. He might be able to help.

Go to Mehelen (Alizarin) and say “Ultimate Nightmare’. He will attack. Kill him.
On his death he spawns into a nightmare. Kill that too.

* Task Added : Inform the dreamer that Mehelen was a nightmare.

Go back to the Dreamer and say ‘Mehelen was a nightmare’

* Task Added : Find Garlen, and talk to him about Atuara.

Go to Garlen (Virdian) and say ‘Atuara’. He attacks and kill him.

* Task Added : Tell the dreamer about the Blue Hurricane.

Go back to the Dreamer and say ‘the Blue Hurricane’

* Task Added : Inform the dreamer when you are prepared.

Say ‘I am prepared’ to be transported.

* Task Added : Defeat the nightmare and save the Astral Travels!

Go north for the Ultimate Nightmare and Atuara. Kill the Ultimate Nightmare (Trans after kill so be ready)

* Task Added : Defeat the Ultimate Nightmare once and for all!

You get transported again into an aggro room.
Kill all the little buggers and follow the path (nice gold!). Or you can run/retreat/flee thru.
Kill the Ultimate Nightmare (after you get transported back to entrance of zone)

* Task Added : Find Atuara and his beasts location, and finish them off!

Go to the Dreamer and say ‘location’ and then ‘I am ready’ (you will be transported)
Kill Ultimate Nightmare again (transported) and kill Atuara
Go back to the Dreamer and say “Atuara is dead’

* Task Added : Help the dreamer defeat the Ultimate Nightmare.

Goal will auto-close, don’t move.

A Sash of Fantasies
| Keywords : sash belt astralwaist fantasies |
| Name : {*A Sash of Fantasies*} |
| Id : 336791892 |
| Type : Armor Level : 200 |
| Worth : 6,700 Weight : 15 |
| Wearable : waist |
| Score : 525 |
| Material : satin |
| Flags : invis, magic, held, burn-proof, V3 |
| Found at : The Astral Travels |
| Stat Mods : Strength : +20 Dexterity : +5 |
| Hit points : +50 Damage roll : +20 |
| Resist Mods: All physical : +11 All magic : +8 |

Misc Info:
Note: Can still be done after Goal was put in

get golden grain of sand from the room of spirit (sese) from the start of the area.
give sand to insomniac for key to eternity (key to dark)
kill dark (in Alizarin Passage) for cloak of the eclipse (item for first test)
kill moon in Indigo for the cheese
give cheese to night watcher for key to the stars (key to the last door)
goto the dream test which is in the silver passage
give cloak of eclipse to the mob in first test for key to illumination (key to the second test)
go down and kill all the mobs and enter portal to third test
the mystery person’s name is “astrid”
then follow the path and open up and your there, through the dream test
If noone else has done it since reboot you will get the end item.
Silver Cord

*Pool/Room and Mob List

Cerulean Rooms – Garden of Pleasure Cerulean Mobs – Tempter, Temptress

Indigo Rooms – Standing on a Cloud Indigo Mobs – Silvery Moon, Man on the Moon, A Golden Star

Viridian Rooms – Palace of Stars, The Dream Trail, A Hidden Room Viridian Mobs – Sequira, Morzan, Yulune, Harija, a dark horseman, unicorn, leprechaun, genie, psyche demon, Borazi

Alizarin Rooms – A Terrible Nightmare, The Path of Torment, The Burning Desert, Blood Swamp, Falling into Darkness(need key from insomniac) Alizarin Mobs – Frightened Person, mind seeker, nightmare phantom, big hairy monster, inside-out person, two-headed person, blood beast, (need key from imsomniac for next 3) shreiking ghost, The Dark, The boogie man