Goal for the Broken Halls of Horath – Kalista’s Version

The Broken Halls of Horath Goal Solution:

Keys to the Gates:
Wysoda (Servant’s Quarters)
Fane (Dwarven Mines Maze)
Umli (From entrance to dwarven miens, run 2sd)
Aiwiss (Mist – right before the first gate) – key is rot-death

Find Buroil’l of the K’estest, she’s in a cell around (111), and say help

*Task 1 : Help Buroil’l regain her speech.

Go eunw, listen to the shaman, say yes.
Quaff the potion
Say antidote
Give 5000 gold shaman
Return to Buroil’l, give the potion to her.
Say help
*Task 2 : Retrieve the Orb of the K’estest.

Say orb at Fane.
*Task 3 : Find the bracelets of everliving.

Slaughter kobolds until you get two of them. Give them to Fane.
Say trick the dragon
*Task 4 : Discover how to trick a dragon.”””

Find Umli.
Say Fane’s treasure has been returned
Say Trick the dragon
*Task 5 : Obtain the tools needed to trick a dragon.

Kill Blowdar for his weapon.
Give 10000 gold to swoworund for the cloak
Go to Wysoda (107) and kill him for slave chain, then ‘beckon slave’ and a slave will follow you.
*Task 6 : Trick the dragon, Horath.

Wear the cloak and go to Horath. (see #Miscellaneous Information for key mobs)
With a slave in the room type offer slave
Give the sword to Horath
Say orb
Give the orb to Buroil’l to end the goal.

Give 10k gold to Swoworund for a Cloak of Illusion. Wear it and say Horath to one of his minions in the mist section. This transports you to the dragon. It has the added advantage of making key collection completely unnecessary since the gates are only locked from the outside.
Note: While not listed as a flag, the Cloak of Illusion is actually nosave.

Oculus of the K’estest
| Keywords : oculus kestest
| Name : the Oculus of the K’estest
| Id : 304654075
| Type : Armor Level : 150
| Worth : 1,800 Weight : 5
| Wearable : eyes
| Score : 360
| Material : energy
| Flags : unique, glow, hum, magic, held, burn-proof,
| : nolocate, solidified, resonated, illuminated, V3
| Found at : The Broken Halls of Horath
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +26 Wisdom : +11
| Luck : +12
| Resist Mods: All physical : +6 All magic : +4