Goal for the Great City of Knossos – Kalista’s Version

The Great City of Knossos Goal Solution:

Note: Recommended level is 80.

*Goal Added : Help Mino discover the fate of his son.

Go to the castle, say Androgeus to the architect/Spirit of Daedalus.
*Task Added : Cajole the princess to help you tame the minotaur.

Task 1 : Cajole the princess to help you tame the minotaur.
Go to the princess. Say ‘I love you.’
* Task Added : Find the minotaur and gain his favor.

Find the minotaur, give him the string.
Say athenians
* Task Added : Find an Athenian who knows the fate of Androgeus.

Give the silver dollar to the begger in “Down a hole”
* Task Added : Find the hidden item and present it to Mino.

Go unw, unlock fire, open fire, get all fire.
Go to the king, say Mino! Est! Gott!
Give the gold medal to the king.

Area portal: Passport to Knossos & Androgeus’ Crown: Level 80, head piece, Int3, Wis3, Con2

Area Quest Info:
Open d from the real king, run d2wuen;enter tapestry
Once at the Queen, say ‘the bull is dead’
She will drop a Minotaur Treat – it will be on the ground, not in your inventory – pick it up!
Head back to the princess and say ‘I love you’ to get back into the maze, head to the minotaur’s lair and give him the treat:
A Golden CollarL Level 80, neck piece, HR2, Wis1, Int2

Misc Info:
Speedwalk to second section: vis;;run nwn;;buy 2;;run sees;;buy 2;;run nwwswn;;enter shack;;give steak hobo;;run eseneenww;;enter crack;;give chain ratling;;sneak;;c inv;;run 2e4nwn;;vis;;give id guard;;give passport guard