Goal for the Path of the Believer – Kalista’s Version

The Path of the Believer Goal Solution:

* Goal Added : Can we really change the future?

From the area entrance, run 3n4e to ‘In the Foothills’
While the Goblin Prophet is alive, listen to him and then say ‘yes’ to trigger the goal
* Task Added : Gather the Materials

Run es to ‘A Dark Cave’
Kill the Grizzly Bear for ‘claw of a grizzly bear’
Run n4e4n2w to ‘The Temple of Vengeance’
Kill vengeful pixie for ‘wings of a water pixie’
Run 2e4s4w6n to ‘The Temple of Plenty’
Kill the Drow for ‘medallion bearing radiating evil
Return to goblin prophet and say ‘i have the materials’ to receive ‘goblin ceremonial robes’ and ‘Prophet’s Sacrifice’.
* Task Added : Create the Tool

Run 5e5n from the prophet to ‘The Shrine of Sacrifice’
Wear ‘goblin ceremonial robes’ and type ‘worship statue’ to receive ‘Orb of Truth’.
* Task Added : Destroy the Distortion

Run s4e6nw from the shrine to ‘The Temple of Doom’
Wear ‘Orb of Truth’
Type ‘expose the distortion’ and the Evil Entity will attack you
Kill it to complete the goal.

| Keywords : Bracers Siswa |
| Name : Bracers of the Siswa |
| Type : Armor Level : 1 |
| Worth : 45 Weight : 1 |
| Wearable : arms |
| Flags : magic, V3 |
| Found at : The Goblin Path |
| Stat Mods : Strength : +1 Dexterity : +1 |
| 2 Stats | 0Dr | 0Hr | 0Sv | pts=2 |
| Str+1 Dex+1 |