Goal for the Ruins of Diamond Reach – Kalista’s Version

The Ruins of Diamond Reach Goal Solutions 1-3:

Note: There are three goals in the area.

In the room Among the Ruins (16807), type ‘search’, then type ‘investigate further’.
Navigate the maze to reach the Northern Gates, and kill the lich to enter the mine.
Kill the crystal to be teleported to the town. Kill a watchful cityguard for the town gate key.
Run 3sw to Audience Chamber (16820) and listen to the baron.
Run 3en to Inside the Mage’s Den (16823). Mallic will add additional tasks.
Give 1000 gold to the thief (16825?) for a passport if you are evil, 1000 gold to the baron if good.
Return to Mallic and give him the shard. He will leave, then come back and give you a Neutralizer Shard.
Head back north into the mine and navigate through the maze to The Crystal Cavern (16839). Kill the temporal crystal.
Go to the Baron in The Throne Room (16847) for your first reward.
Go to Mallic in The Wizard’s Home (16852) for the second reward and completion of this section of the goals.

5qp 😛

Go to the banker of the past.
Go get a diamond from the mine and give it to the banker. Wait for him to come back.
After this (make sure it’s the banker in the past), listen to the banker (Neil), then type ‘accept’
Begin searching for the exceptional diamond.
You’ll know it worked if he offers 10k gold for duds instead of 1 gold.
Diamonds can be found in the pouch received from ruins1, at the dead end, at the Black Dragon before the crystal.
During this step, dropped by mobprog from the dwarves.
Note: Diamonds dropped from dwarves seem to have higher chance of being exceptional. They can also be dropped by the assassin and the black knight during this task.
Once you give him one, the goal completes.

100k gold and 10k for every diamond you find.


Note: You have to complete Ruins2 before you can do Ruins3

Kill the Temporal Crystal again for a shard.
Return to Mallic of the Future, give him 10000 gold.
Type accept.
Go to the Tuxedo guy (hold shard and go west at Mallic of the past).
Say tuning fork.
Go to the bank of the future and say ‘diamond mirror’.
Go to the bank of the past and say ‘diamond mirror’.
Go back to the future bank and say ‘diamond mirror’ again
(Might not need to do this, but the output is slightly different than the first time).
Go to the ruins, find the room that is the bank, and type search until you get a diamond mirror.
Give the mirror to the Tuxedo guy.
Give 10000 gold to Mallic of the Future to complete the third goal.

Area Portal: Heliodor Shard
| Keywords : heliodor shard portal
| Name : A Heliodor Shard
| Id : 27701814
| Type : Portal Level : 60
| Worth : 1 Weight : 10
| Wearable : hold, portal
| Score : 0
| Material : crystal
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, held, nolocate, V3, saveable
| Owned By : Kalista
| Found at : The Ruins of Diamond Reach
| Leads to : The Ruins of Diamond Reach

| Keywords : crystal shard neutralizer |
| Name : Neutralizer Shard |
| Id : 69611199 |
| Key : ruins-2 ( 29452) |
| Type : Treasure Level : 80 |
| Worth : 200 Weight : 5 |
| Wearable : hold |
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, V3 |
| Found at : The Ruins of Diamond Reach |
| Stat Mods : Dexterity : +3 |
**NOTE: The shard allows you to enter the third part of the area if you have it worn, this is from the first room of the area**

Misc Info:
After getting the area portal, give 150,000 gold to Mallic to have him change the destination of the portal to a random room in the area. I recommend doing this until the destination lands in the “Between Time and Space” room.

Check the donation amount before changing the portal’s location. There is a minimum amount that needs to be donated before Mallic will even choose this room (15, 35, or 50 million, can’t remember.)
Hold the crystal shard you get from the first crystal, instead of giving mallic 3k gold, just go east to be transported to recall.

Diamond Reach Treasury
The Creator has the added function of holding all donations collected for Mallic’s research. This gold generally can not be regained by players and will vanish with a reboot. Some advantages are unlocked as the value increases.

Total Value Unlocked Feature(s)
1B Mallic will have the guts to attempt creating a new savable portal for anyone who has the goals completed. This self-destructs the treasury back to 1-100 mil.
500M Portal Destination for nudging is a guaranteed ruins-48.
250M All diamonds loaded will be rare diamonds. Keep in mind that this drains gold from this treasury which has been collected from the player base!
100M Portal Destination for nudging is tightened, increasing the chance of hitting ruins-48.
70M Neutralizer Enhancement Maxed. (Up to all 3 enchant flags set.)
60M Neutralizer Enhancement Strengthened. (Up to 2 enchant flags set)
50M Neutralizer Shard can be enhanced. Enhancement allows cutting through to the good present regardless of treasury value. (tests a worn shard for rotdeath flag)(100k for toggle)
30M Room-34 now a viable portal destination. (Second Crystal Room)
15M Neutralizer Shard can cut through the bad present, allowing direct teleportation to the good future. (If goal complete and neutralizer worn.)
Note: ruins-47, ruins-43, ruins-34, ruins-18 are by default not possible for tweaked portal destinations. Otherwise the default range is rooms 1-48.

As you can see from the list, it gets harder to actually increase the treasury to maximum after a point. Most diamonds created for those doing the diamond quest will actually drain about 60k gold from the treasury to “upgrade” a common 10k diamond into a 30k diamond. And after the 500M mark there’s little incentive for players to keep pushing it towards the maximum 1B mark with repeated tweaking. This is intended, as most of the useful tweaks open up in the first 100M or so, usually by people tweaking their portals and later enhancing neutralizers if they want to. Anyone who REALLY wants a bonus portal is likely going to have to pony up a lot of cash on their own, and as soon as they get it, they’ll have to build up another 900M to repeat it. (This will keep it rare. Or drive Aardwolf veterans broke – and then keep it rare.)