Goal for the Sanguine Tavern – Kalista’s Version

The Sanguine Tavern Goal Solution:

Kill regular patrons until you get a sigil in the main area.
Find Otin and say Sigil with the sigil from step 1 in your inventory.
* Goal Added : Discover the Secrets of the Sanguine Tavern

** Task Added : Find the Dark God

Run ne;push stones;run u3s
* Task Added : Decide on the Scroll

Pick a scroll color.
For the purposes of this solution, we will choose red. Say red.
* Task Added : Hocob has a problem

Run 3nd2s to Hocob.
* Task Added : Kill the Roasting Boars

Type ‘brave the flames’
Kill all boars
Type ‘climb out’ to go back to Hocob for Boar’s Head.
run n;push stones;run u3s;give head Dena
* Task Added : Find The High Priest

Run 2nw
Buy champagne
Run endsw2s2w
* Task Added : Buy the Count a drink

Give Champagne Tokil for glowing figuring of a man (key to basement).
Run 2e2ne;push stones;run dsw;open down;run 2d;open east;e to high priest.
* Task Added : Walk the Gauntlet

say ready when prompted.
* Task Added : Defeat Lars

Kill Lars Tylson (I used shadow) and enter portal when finished.
* Task Added : Defeat Derik

Kill Derik Whitechild (I used pierce) and enter portal when finished.
* Task Added : Defeat Donna

Kill Donna Lextran (I used pierce) and enter portal when finished.
Run east and say join when prompted to complete the goal.

10 qp
Aggros and Orcus leave you alone if you keep the unholy symbol in your inventory.
Ability to buy key from Tokil for basement for 5k gold.
Unholy Symbol of Solus

Misc Info // Explore Info:
With the unholy symbol in inventory, in Dena’s room, type ‘touch hut’ for the last room and 100% area completion.