Goal for Transcendence 2

Transcendence 2 Goal Guide

Last Update 15 December 2022

This is a collection of notes. It is a work-in-progress. What to do after gathering the artifacts needs to be documented. If you have suggestions for improvement, and want to contribute to turning this into a comprehensive guide, reach out to the clan leaders.

The first goal is to listen captain, at entrance, and complete the tranny run as normal. Trans1 Goal will auto complete when you next successfully complete the epic. The following is for the second goal (portal reward, and shortcuts to moving around the Abyss).

This guide is about Transcendence 2 Goal. If you are looking for the Transcendence 3 Goal (after beating Trans2), click here.

Step 1: Unlock Goal: here

After successfully unlocking the goal, you will receive this task:
** Task Added : Unravel the secrets of Transcendence, and slay a God.

Step 2: Learn these steps to do after every successful Trans epic: here

Step 3: Get this path while the 3-moons are in the sky

Step 4: Collect Artifacts: here

Step 5: Forge Visit: here

Step 6: Bring items from Step 5, use the path learned in Step 2 to find Aion2, fight him, beat the mini games, and win. The mini-games are: angelfire (guide), spinning wheel (guide;tough), and morgak runes (identical). The rest of the “games” require you to flee from your current room or you will take damage/freeze in place after a brief interval. There have been instances where some of the games have stacked, resulting in impossible-to-dodge damage for the player. This is very rare and unlucky; the exact trigger and timings for the games is still unknown for now.

Step 7: Fight and Beat Aion2 to finish Trascendence2.

Step 8: After beating Aion2: Trans3?