Goal for Transcendence: Artifacts

Transcendence Goal Guide: Artifacts

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Last Update 3 Sep, 2022

This is a collection of notes. It is a work-in-progress. What to do after gathering the artifacts needs to be documented. If you have suggestions for improvement, and want to contribute to turning this into a comprehensive guide, reach out to the clan leaders.


There are 6*** artifacts (collect in no particular order) that look almost identical and come from: Marauder, Tendril/Feeler (both can drop the same artifact), Spectre, Death, Mindflayer, and Worldbeast. Bag them ASAP. Notate the item id and which mob you got it from to help you track progress.

***currently 6 artifacts that we KNOW of, there are likely more…

Transcendence Artifacts
1. NOTE Artifacts have rot-death flag. Put these in a bag as soon as you obtain them, and be very careful about taking them out in dangerous places unless you want to go through the steps to get another.
2. It is possible to obtain these artifacts entirely solo, but doing so will almost certainly take a lot of time and a lot of dying (especially for spectre and death artifacts). Group up if you can.
3. Have autoloot on and inventory space while doing all of these steps.
4. Be mindful of PK rooms, and remember that they move around on each repop. Not that anyone would be so awful as to PK you while you’re trying to do one of the toughest goals in the game, right…

Note: AnarchyEntropy refers to the original 5×5 around the center of where you originally transcend (descend to leave). The room names are either Anarchy or Entropy and the mobs wander.

Marauder Artifact
1. Give 100k gold to Marauder (in Frayed Space) for artifact. You can scan for him. After getting his artifact, you can retreat back to AnarcyEntropy’s non-aggro rooms.

Tendril or Feeler Artifact
1. Kill tendrils & parasidic feeler (AnarchyEntropy) for low-chance random drop artifact. Both drop the same artifact and you need only one.

Note: This one does not have your name as a keyword and can presumably be shared. Let me know if you successfully use one someone else looted.

| Keywords : ancient artifact scrap                               |
| Name : an ancient artifact                                      |
| Id : 2623663153                                                 |
| Type : Trash Level : 200                                        |
| Worth : 0 Weight : 5                                            |
| Wearable : hold                                                 |
| Score : 0                                                       |
| Material : stone                                                |
| Flags : magic, melt-drop, V3                                    |

Spectre Artifact
1. Kill a sense of serenity (in Frayed Space) for Freedom, low-chance random drop with rot-death timer.
2. Before Freedom crumbles, quickly give Freedom to an ancient spectre (in Void’s Abyss). Ancient spectre drops artifact.
A. Spectres can be scanned. If solo, best to try to time this while a spectre is near Frayed Space.
3. Very quickly ‘get artifact’ and put it in a bag before you die.

Death Artifact
Step 1: Obtain the unique path: here
Step 2: Obtain the Dark Key: here
Step 3: Decipher the cryptic path from Step 1: here
Step 4: Get the Death Artifact: here

Mindflayer Artifact
1. Look for the mindflayer in AnarchyEntropy
2. Say your current int stat value (after spellups and eq of course). So if I had max int, I would ‘say 600’. Mindflayer should give you the artifact.

Worldbeast Artifact
1. During 3-Moons, kill a fallen angel in Abyss, it may drop “a stolen voice”.
2. While still under 3-Moons, quickly give “a stolen voice” to worldbeast in the Frayed Space to get the artifact.

Visit the Forge to see what Recipes these artifacts give you.