Goal for Transcendence: Death Artifact Strategy

Goal for Transcendence: Death Artifact Strategy
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Obtain the Death Artifact
Step 1: Get the path
Step 2: Decode the path to find the room order
Step 3: Get the dark key
Step 4: Develop and execute your strategy using the advice below.

Advice & Tips to employ on your path
A. This is on a timer once you start listening (move fast). You can die and the timer does not reset. I died in the Abyss, there was no reason to hunt out of it.
B. You can listen while in combat
C. There are several responses when you listen but keep spamming until you get the confirmation message
D. This is the confirmation message “The symphony of strings surrounds you in the darkness, their source entirely unknown and unseen. Faced with the unknown, any sane man would desist and leave right now.”
E. “You have lost track of the source of the music, and strings you hear have faded away.” — means you have to wait for the timer to stop, and restart in your first room.
E. Keep spamming the listen strings/song. If you pause too long between listens, you will lose track of the music and have to start over. There is time to quaff/recite/heal between listens.
F. When you are in the final room, and receive the confirmation “symphony” message, keep spamming your listen command until transferred to death.
G. There are lethal rooms in the abyss that move clockwise and will move into your room. Pay attention to ensure they are not about to move into the room you need to be in to listen, or you will die.

Now do your path
This was Zhalut’s steps:
The Oracle says, “All paths lead to your doom, save for one. Twice you will nearly encounter your undoing, in the false haven [e2n] and the depths [w3s]. But if you pull back and tarry not to straddle the edge of balance [w3n,retreat n] you may surpass your fate. If you find it and search in the beyond, you may find the treasure lost to the living.”

I bought the Transcendent Aegis from the shop in the center for 5 points. It prevents some damage in the Abyss. This made me feel safer to not clear the Abyss path and to heal/listen, then die once I heard the song.

The path was e2n (string), w4n (song), w3s (string)
1. From center run e2n and listen strings (this is a safe room when not flagged pk)
2. I saw the rotating death room on the map near my next room (w4n), so I waited for the room to move clockwise, away from my path
3. Went back to center run w3n, retreat north (this makes w4n), and listen song, recited some inc scrolls, listened song, then died once I heard symphony
4. Went back to trans via the rift (before healing), from the center went w3s, and alternated reciting inc scroll and listening strings, a punisher did rotate into my room but I just healed through the damage. Since this was the last room, I kept listening strings after hearing the symphony (until I was transported to death)

[Death’s Domain] After being transported to Death
He attacked me
Death says, “ZHALUT.”
Death fades away…
Then he was gone, next think to do (with dark key in inventory, which will be consumed)
type ‘search in the beyond’ to receive artifact
keep the artifact, bag it, and enter a portal to get out

If you somehow messed up, he may just kill you….