Goal for Umari’s Castle – Kalista’s Version

Umari’s Castle Goal Solution:

Note: Say Umari at the start to get past the gargoyles.

* Goal Added : Find a treasure and earn some respect in Umari’s Castle..

Find Layna the Elf and say ‘treasure’
Say ‘Ill find your hat’
* Task Added : Find Layna’s hat and return it to her.

Get iron key by killing Higgle the Half-Griffon in Inside a Small Bedroom in the Castle (36617)
Go to Before a Large Iron Door (36647) and op n to get to Castle Cache.
et the letter off the floor
Go to umari, give him letter. He’ll drop his eq; pick it up and wear all of it (wear umari works for all items)
Go to Hathil, he’ll give you Layna’s Hat
Return to Layna and give her the hat
Give her 20000 coins
* Task Added : Find and defeat Mrrl.

Remove umari clothes
Go to Holly (near Castle Kitchen)
say i’m hungry for iron frying pan
Go to Higari the Half Griffon, he’ll take the pan and give you a tiny wand
Go to Higgle, He’ll take the wand for a snack
Wear umari’s clothes and go back to Holly.
She’ll ask if you’re hungry
Say yes and she’ll confiscate the snack and give you Spider Spaghetti
Remove umari clothes
Go to Hamashi. Kill him for a Cheat Card
Wait for repop. walk into his room and say ‘play me’
He’ll drop Magicians Gloves and run off – pick em up
Go to Haji, he’ll take the magicians gloves and give you a hastily drawn charcoal drawing
Wear Umari’s clothes and go to Hogan, he’ll ask you if you’re hungry
Say yes and he’ll go find for you a Dragon Heart
Remove Umari’s clothes
Go to Hagami and say ‘game’ to play his game. When you win, you’ll be given food (waffles, ice cream, marshmallows)
Return to Layna. Wear umari’s clothes
Give her 20,000 to be transported

Go east, Mrrl will awaken, give him the food to put him to sleep
Dispel/etc. until you’re ready for a relatively tough fight.
You can fight Mrrl one of two ways:
1. If you re-wear your own gear, he will regularly dispel you and heal himself.
2. If you wear Umari’s gear, he won’t dispel/heal himself.
You can recall and heal/respell, then go back to Hagami to get more food and continue the fight.
The book in Umari’s study alludes to giving Mrrl the eyeglasses, unknown what happens if you do.
Go east and get all to get the book ‘Creaturalis Magicalus Volume I’.
* Task Added : Return an item of value to Master Umari.

Return to Umari. Give him the book to complete task and receive invitation.
* Task Added : Return a treasure to its not so rightful owner.

Pick up the statue on the ground
Go back to Layna. Give her the statue to complete the goal.
* Task Added : A treasure hunt?

Goal auto-closes.

an Open Invitation to Umari’s Castle
| Keywords : open invitation umaris castle
| Name : an Open Invitation to Umari’s Castle
| Type : Treasure Level : 200
| Worth : 1 Weight : 1
| Wearable : hold
| Score : 0
| Material : paper
| Flags : magic, held, burn-proof, V3
| Found at : Umari’s Castle
If you have the Open Invitation to Umari’s Castle in your inventory, you can walk right past gargoyles. It does not work if it is bagged.

You also receive an item, which may be random:

a Studded Leather Belt
| Keywords : brown studded leather belt
| Name : a Studded Leather Belt
| Id : 1838560786
| Type : Armor Level : 200
| Worth : 5,000 Weight : 2
| Wearable : waist
| Score : 400
| Material : leather
| Flags : invis, magic, burn-proof, V3
| Notes : Item has 2 resistance affects.
| Stat Mods : Strength : +25 Damage roll : +20
| Hit points : +100 Moves : -200
| Hit roll : +10

a Golden Bracelet
| Keywords : gold golden bracelet expensive
| Name : a Golden Bracelet
| Type : Armor Level : 200
| Worth : 5,000 Weight : 0
| Wearable : wrist
| Score : 117
| Material : gold
| Flags : invis, magic, held, burn-proof, V3
| Found at : Umari’s Castle
| Stat Mods : Strength : +7 Dexterity : +7
| Constitution : +7 Damage roll : +20
| Hit points : +100 Moves : -200
| Resist Mods: All magic : +8 All physical : +11