Goal for Wayward Ale House – Kalista’s Version

Wayward Alehouse Goal Solution:

Go to ‘At a bench outside the Alehouse’ (886).
Listen to Bardington and then say “i will help you”.
** Goal Added : Help Bardington with his masterpiece!
* Task Added : Interrogate the patrons and find some interesting stories.

In the alehouse itself, find each uniquely-named mob and listen .
The task will update after you listen to all of them. (most of them wander)
* Task Added : Return to Bardington and relay the stories.

Go back to Bardington.
* Task Added : Steal three casks of wine for Bardington.

Kill Brandt for his keys and keyring.
Note: The keys have a 5-minute timer.
Go to ‘In the Alehouse’ (906) and unlock the trapdoor down and go down into the storeroom.
In the stockroom, type “steal cask” in the rooms when there are no stockroom workers.
Note: Might be best to kill any stockroom workers in the way, especially in the room that goes back upstairs.
You will need to take three casks back to Bardington, one at a time.
* Task Added : Start a huge brawl in the Alehouse!

Remove your weapons and start 10 fights by attacking patrons in the alehouse.
Note: NO WEAPONS WIELDED. Be sure hand to hand skill is trained.
You will need to punch the patrons to about 50% health to trigger credit for the task.
* Task Added : Listen to Bardington’s poem.

Go back to Bard and you’ll be attacked by an enraged bar brawler.
Don’t kill him too fast. Heal him if you have to.
* Task Added : Seek out some interesting dirt on the Alehouse patrons.

Then go to the room ‘Guest Room three’ (923)
type ‘read papers’
If your keys from Brandt rotted, kill Brandt again for the stable key.
Then go open the stable to find the unicorn and type “free unicorn”.
Brandt and some thugs will attack you so murder their faces.
Return to Bardington (886) and give him the essence, key, and blueprints to complete the goal.


Misc Info:
Both Brandt and the waitress have the key to the stockroom area.