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Annwn Goal Solution

Within Area
Black shed can be found in the black forest rooms in the Eastern Side. Cexit is “open shed”


Go east and wait for Ferryman to finish talking.
Give 1 gold ferryman and wait for him to finish talking.
Run de.
Give 6000 gold innkeeper.
Wear mask, open west, and run w for teleport.
Say pwyll.


Say hafgan at King Aranw.
Find “The child witch” (run ne2s2w3n3e2s – Bright Spot).
Say Hafgan.
Run 2sw into darkest pwyll and type “unearth” until you receive sword. (there are two rooms where you can do this)
This sword is anti-neutral.
Wield sword and attack King Hafgan. (all west and 2n/Seems to move around/nowhere/noscan).
Run e2s2e2nws to King Aranw.
Say Hafgan is dead.
Run ne2s2w3n3e4s4w5n, enter dock, enter cad.

For full explore:

Run 1n of Bright Spot and listen Child Warlock.
Type find kitten and follow the directions until you find it.
Beckon kitten and walk back to Child Warlork for a delicate rose.
Run all south, all west, open hill with rose.
Run d and receive a ghost acorn from gnome.
Find a violet squirrel whose long desc says that it is searching for ghost acorns. Give it the acorn to receive a comfrey plant.
Give the plant to the Pwyll wizard to receive a healing salve.
Give the healing salve to Queen Rhiannon to get to Epona’s room.


Run e to Gwidon.
Listen Gwidon.
Run 4dw2u2e2d2swn to Amaethon.
Say upcoming battle.
Disrupt fly/land and run swswuwnenw to Roebuck.
Becckon Roebuck and run 2enen.
Say Roebuck (and you can fly again if you want).
Run sw2n2e2u2w to Lapwing.
Beckon Lapwing and run 2e2d2w2sen.
Say Lapwing.
Find the dog whose description is “A dog is searching for water here”.
Beckon dog and run back to Amaethon again.
Say dog and receive a tarnished medal.
Run swswuwne2nw2ne to Blodwedd.
Read ins and say the quote to Blodwedd: “buant hwyr yr vydin”.
Blodwedd tells you what it translates to, “We are late to the fray”.
Run w2s2e2ne to Gwidon.
Listen Gwidon
Say We are late to the fray and get teleported to the next area.


Run 2dw2nu4es2w3s to Talisin. (Room:Clearing in the bush)
Run 2n2e to Maltholwg’s wife and say grail.
Run 2w3s2w, swim ashore, run 2wnwn to Ahrtr.
Say dagger.
Run ses2e, jump in a lake, 2e4n2enw and kill Lithe Lions.
Once you find a thigh bone, run all east, all south.
Run 2w3sw to cistern.
Open cistern, put bone cistern, close cistern, open cistern, take all cistern.
Run sw, swim ashore, run 3w
Wield dagger and attack Maltholwg.
Run 3e, jump in a lake, run 2e3n2e.
Say Maltholwg is dead for aura of grail.
Run 2w2s and give grail Talisin.


Run sw to Bendigeidfran for the next task to open
Run esws to Efnisien
Say invited to Branqwen and Matholwch’s wedding.
Run e2s3e and kill stallions in the area until task completes.
Hunt Matholwch and he will completed another task.
Run back to the beginning of Harlech just south of docks and go west.
Say matholwch is furious at Bendigeidfran’s son to receive a mirror.
Hold mirror and walk around typing raise the mirror.
Capture 3 spirits and go to the eastern part of area (Black Forest).
goto 29117, open shed, run w.
Open case, take all case, open chest, take cauld chest.
Type “feed cauldron”.
Run en2swswn and give cauldron to Matholwch.
Listen branqwen for new task.
Run 2sw2n and type “pilfer eggs”.
Run 3s and type “feed myna”. (repeat pilfer and feed 2 more times, need repop for each time)
When it says “This baby myna is tame!”, give letter myna to get a new letter
Run ne2n and give letter Branqwen.
Run 2n, open sack, and kill all the sly lords that spawn.
Listen Efnisien.
Type “push Efnisien”.
Run 3se and kill minions until they all run away.
Listen Bendigeidfran.
Type “chop off head”.
Run ws4w3n, dig hole.
Drop head.
Run d.
Say yes.

You receive 15 quest points.
Just say docks to the ferryman to get transported meow.

Misc Info for explored:

| NOTE: Must have goal started or completed.
| enter pwyll, run ne2s2w3n3es
| ‘find kitten’
| run n3w2s
| ‘find kitten’
| ‘beckon kitten’
| run 2n3es to the warlock with kitten following to receive a delicate rose
| run 3s2we3w
| ‘open hill’
| run d, wait in room until you get ghost acorn from a forest gnome
| explore tunnel, run 3ne
| ‘give acorn squirrel’ to receive a comfrey plant
| run 3e4s2we3wrun4n, ‘descend into crater’
| ‘give plant wizard’ and wait until you receive a healing salve
| open south, find Queen Rhiannon, ‘give heal queen’
| In this room, you can adopt 1 of 3 pets – unicorn, hippograf or pegasus