Important Goals to Do Guide (Converted)

Important Goals:

The following are goals that either reward a portal, provide rewards that offer easier navigation in the Area, or that rewards the ability to explore new parts of the area.

Goals that Reward Portals:

Arisian Realm
Land of Legend
The Call of Heroes
Artificer’s Mayhem
Lowlands Paradise ’96
The Cataclysm
The Keep of Kearvek
Black Lagoon
Masquerade Island
The Dark Temple of Zyian
The Killing Fields
Dark Elf Stronghold
Nanjiki Ruins
The DarkLight
The Marshlands of Agroth
Desert Doom
The Deadlights
The Partroxis
Dread Tower
Prosper’s Island
The Drageran Empire
The Ruins of Diamond Reach
Eternal Autumn
The Empire of Aiighialla
The Tree of Life
Faerie Tales II
Snuckles Village
The Empire of Talsa
The Trouble with Gwillimberry
Giant’s Pet Store
Storm Ships of Lem-Dagor
The Flying Citadel
The Witches of Omen Tor
Gilda And The Dragon
The Archipelago of Entropy
The Gauntlet
The Wobbly Woes of Woobleville
The Aylorian Academy
The Gladiator’s Arena
Unearthly Bonds
House of Cards
Battlefields of Adaldar
The Goblin Fortress
Xyl’s Mosaic
Island of Lost Time
The Blood Opal of Rauko’ra
The Great City of Knossos
Yggdrasil: The World Tree

Goals that Reward Easier Zone Navigation:

Aardwolf Zoological Park
Gold Rush
The Desert Prison
The Realm of the Hawklords
Andolor’s Ocean Adventure Park
Helegear Sea
Onyx Bazaar
The Drageran Empire
The Relinquished Tombs
Keep of the Kobaloi
Plains of Nulan’Boar
The Dungeon of Doom
The Ruins of Stormhaven
Avian Kingdom
Prosper’s Island
The Empire of Talsa
The Sanguine Tavern
Christmas Vacation
Kobold Siege Camp
The Flying Citadel
The Scarred Lands
The Covenant of Mistridge
Masquerade Island
Storm Ships of Lem-Dagor
The Graveyard
The Shadows of Minos
Crynn’s Church
Nebulous Horizon
The Abyssal Caverns of Sahuagin
The Imperial City of Reme
Umari’s Castle
Fort Terramire
Necromancers’ Guild
The Amusement Park
The Land of Oz
Unearthly Bonds
Gnoll’s Quarry
Nenukon and the Far Country
The Council of the Wyrm
The Maelstrom
Xyl’s Mosaic
The Palace of Song
Gnoll’s Quarry
Mountains of Desolation

Goals that Reward New Sections of the Area:

Empyrean, Streets of Downfall
Gypsy Caravan
The Nyne Woods
Imperial Nation
Crossroads of Fortune
Ookushka Garrison