Pompeii Goal (New)

Cardo Maximus

Concerned citizen says, “Pliny has been worried about his father, please check on him.”
Concerned citizen says, “Say ‘Yes’ if you are willing to check on Pliny.”

say ‘yes’

Concerned citizen says, “Thank you for your help.”
** Goal Added : Help Pliny find his father and save Pompeii from Vesuvius’ eruption.
Type ‘goals pompeii’ for full details on this goal.

** Task Added : Consult Pliny

Run nwn


You say ‘father’
Pliny asks, “My father sailed into port during the last eruption and I cannot find him. I heard the scribes had information about the events of the last eruption, but I cannot leave my post to find out. Can you please ask them?”
** Task Done : Consult Pliny
** Task Added : Consult the scribesBureau of Measures

You say ‘pliny’s father’
A scribe says, “Did Pliny send another lonely soul to find his father? Pliny’s father was last seen going to Mt. Vesuvius. If you plan on braving the mountain you will need protection. Attempt to access the aqueducts for further instructions.”
** Task Done : Consult the scribes
** Task Added : Attempt to access the aqueduct

run 2nw and attempt to go up

Damascus Superior

** Task Done : Attempt to access the aqueduct
** Task Added : Seeking purification
A city guard says, “You cannot pass! You would contaminate the water supply.”
A city guard says, “Seek purification before attempting to enter our water supply! Go ask the High Vestal for advice.”

Run 2enw

House of the Vestals

You say ‘advice’
High Vestal says, “Seek out Stephanus to find us some bleached wool.”
** Task Added : Ask Stephanus about bleached wool

Run e2sd

Dyer’s Shop

Stephanus says, “Find my assistant Fronto and ask him about sulfur.”
** Task Done : Ask Stephanus about bleached wool
** Task Added : Find Fronto, Stephanus’ assistant

Run uwn


You say ‘sulfur’
Fronto yells, “No one ever leaves me alone!!”
Fronto yells, “Fronto, get this, Fronto get that!! Enough!!”

kill for dyer’s bag and sulfur

Run sed

Dyer’s Shop

Return to Dyer’s Shop (could possibly skip this and go right to weaver for wool)

Stephanus is dyeing some cloth.
Stephanus asks, “Maybe you could bribe one of Ara’s assistants for a bolt of wool?”

Run uws


give 1000 gold ass
You give 1,000 gold to a weaver.
A weaver tells you, “Oooh, I have something for you.”
A weaver gets a bolt of cloth from a table nearby.
You receive a bolt of wool from a weaver.

Run ned

Return to Dyer’s Shop

** Task Done : Find Fronto, Stephanus’ assistant.
Stephanus says, “If you lose your bleached wool please bring me another bolt of wool and I will replace it.

Run U2nw

Back to House of the Vestals

High Vestal tells you, “Oh, this is exactly what we need. Bless You.”
You receive an Amulet of Purification from High Vestal.
High Vestal says, “Thank you for your help, wear the amulet and return to the aqueducts.”
High Vestal says, “If you lose your amulet please bring me more bleached wool and I will replace it.”
** Task Done : Seeking purification
** Task Added : Return to the aqueducts

Run es2w

Damascus Superior

Go Up
A city guard says, “I see you have been purified, you may pass.”
Water Tower

** Task Done : Return to the aqueducts
** Task Added : Cleansing the water
Find and kill the water, and return to Pliny ready to brave the mountain!

Run es (could be random)
Kill Water

** Task Done : Cleansing the water
** Task Added : Brave the mountain
Water tells you, “Now you can brave the mountain! Return to Pliny and say you wish to brave the mountain.”
As the water returns to normal, your amulet is knocked away from you.
You remove an Amulet of Purification from your neck.
Your an Amulet of Purification is not kept.
You drop an Amulet of Purification.
An Amulet of Purification crumbles into dust.

Go Back to Brothel (I can’t remember exactly where I got dumped out)

Wear the sandals

say ‘brave the mountain’

Mt. Vesuvius (G)

[ Exits: down ]
the corpse of Pliny’s father lies here.
(W) Molten Lava begins to flow.

More lava flows from the mountain.
You receive 10 quest points.
You remove sandals of water from your feet.
Your sandals of water is not kept.
You drop sandals of water.
Sandals of water crumbles into dust.

** Task Done : Brave the mountain

** Goal Completed: Help Pliny find his father and save Pompeii from Vesuvius’ eruption.
INFO: Nuala has saved Pompeii from the mountain’s destruction and delivered sorrowful news to Pliny.
You get black volcanic glass from the frozen corpse of lava.
You get the gloves of Pliny from the frozen corpse of lava.

| Keywords : pompeii gloves Pliny |
| Name : the gloves of Pliny |
| Id : 2131172984 |
| Type : Armor Level : 100 |
| Worth : 3,000 Weight : 14 |
| Wearable : hands |
| Score : 200 |
| Material : energy |
| Flags : invis, magic, nolocate, V3 |
| Found at : Pompeii |
| Stat Mods : Damage roll : +4 Dexterity : +4 |
| Intelligence : +6 |
| Resist Mods: All magic : +4 All physical : +5 |

| Keywords : pompeii black volcanic glass |
| Name : black volcanic glass |
| Id : 2131172983 |
| Type : Portal Level : 85 |
| Worth : 0 Weight : 1 |
| Wearable : hold, portal |
| Score : 0 |
| Material : gemstone |
| Flags : glow, hum, magic, nosell, nolocate, V3 |
| Found at : Pompeii |
| Leads to : Pompeii |