House of Heavenly Chaos

House Leader: Lorendale
House Representative: TBD
House Members: TBD

Throughout the history of the existence of Order of Light, it has been our goal to extinguish all that is darkness on this Earth. Not only to those who wish to shed darkness throughout the world and upon its innocence, but also exposing the darkness within us and opening it to the Light that we may be pure in our ways and efforts of our cause.

The story of Radience has shown to us that where a seed is planted, be it of good in evil or evil in good, the growth of it within one person is enough to change the course of human events. Only by extinguishing the darkness in each person may we shed Radience’s holy light on the world as a whole.

Thus, to keep strong the hearts, souls and efforts of the Order of Light and its followers, the House of Heavenly Chaos was created. Their goal is to create an atmosphere in the Order of Light that is free from the touch of darkness and to, by example and gesture, show the outside world the joys of Radience’s touch.

Members of the House Heavenly Chaos dedicate themselves to helping others, giving good advice, and to lead them to the pure light of nobility and knighthood.

Requirements for Joining

  • 50 levels more than clan entry requirements.
  • 50 campaigns.
  • 30,000 qp earned.
  • 15000 rooms explored.
  • It is recommended that you stay a minimum of 1 week in House of Commons before joining one of the main house but this depends on the individual. If you have an abundance of one or more of the requirements, you may substitute the excess for another req as follows:
  • 1 lvl = 1 cp = 200 qp = 100 rooms explored.

Once you meet the joining requirements:

Write a note to the leader and the representative on the Personal board, stating that you want to join Heavenly Chaos, and why. If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact the house leader/representative.

House Rules

  • As a member of the House of Heavenly Chaos, you are required to:
  • Have the [R/C] flag in title.
  • Participate in competitions made by clan members.*
  • ¬†Participate in house discussions and clan discussions in notes and on the clan forum.*
  • ¬†Give requested info to clan members working for the clan (if reasonable).
  • Vote on house and clan wide issues.**
  • Make time for interviews or interview training.
  • Remort Fee – Superhero Loud. *
  • * This is highly looked upon but not mandatory.
  • ** You are urged to vote on all clan issues, but it is mandatory for all HHC members to vote on house issues.