House Responsibilities


  • The defenders and elite warriors of the clan. In charge of ideas for clan defense and the execution of raids on other clans. Hunters of those who oppose us.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Maze design & updates
    • Keeping clan current on latest pk strategies and item/gear usage
    • PK training in combat maze/analyzing fight logs
    • Raid organization (offense and defense)


House of Heavenly Chaos

  • The thinkers of the clan. Duties include coming up with new ways to earn money, raise morale and improve the clan. In charge of maintaining our image.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Running internal clan contests, games and fundraisers
    • Running mud-wide events as appropriate
    • Oversees and organizes recruiting
    • Designing color schemes and names for clan equipment
    • Organizing enchanted claneq and bonusloot stockpiles


House of Holy Eagles

  • The explorers of the clan. Will hold charge to exploration of new areas and will make reports regarding new discoveries to the clan (including other clans hall, defenses and eq).
  • Responsibilities:
    • Designing clan equipment sets (stats, level ranges, etc.)
    • Goal solutions
    • Collecting bonusloot gear for benefit of clan
    • Levelling guides
    • Finding other clans’ halls
    • Other mud information as appropriate